Weekly Top Ten 7/12-18/10

Lunch w/Lee, Dave, Jen, Kyle & Monica, The Huskie Cafe, Bigfork, MN
Shooting hoops and talking b-ball w/Jer, Jeff & Uncle Ray, Effie, MN
Urban Canoeing w/Dan, Corbett & Ben, Lakes Harriet, Calhoun, Isles, Cedar & Brownie, Mpls, MN
Pepper Jack Burger @The Rail Station, Mpls, MN
Pecan Pie Blizzard @Dairy Queen
Pasties Plus, Grand Rapids, MN
Slapping Purses live@The Hexagon Bar, Mpls, MN
Bastille Day Block Party, Cafe Barbette, Mpls, MN
Daily Void-Identification Code: 5271-4984953784-06564 LP-DL
Raw Nerve-Self Titled LP-DL

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  1. Hey heres a list of stuff we did with people you dont know great right.