Greenway Art UPDATE: Whoops, we jinxed it.

Remember last week when we were talking about how even though we are fans of fucking shit up that we are totes down with being respectful of some shit too and that it was cool that peeps were leaving shit alone? (here.) Well no sooner had we opened our big fat mouths than someone went and gave it the classic sperm shootin' C&Bs.



Which looks better? Well we're not about to weigh in on that. We have no idea who did this but can't help feel just a tiny bit responsible; and yeah, we feel bad about that. However, as childish is it may be, the ole' cock-n-balls is never not funny. There is a conversation to be had here. If you feel like it, engage us...


  1. Your giving youreself two much credit. Nobody reads this.

  2. How about this for a conversation starter...get overyourself(ves).

  3. Childish, no. Juvenile, yes. Disrespectful, debatable. Vandalism is a calculated risk you run with public art. Funny, absolutely.