The History of Punk-Part 3

Old stuff, bits and pieces...

I am a sucker for good dance-punk nu-wave stuff. We went and saw the Faint open for Bright Eyes…and realized we are old. Left before Bright Eyes. Duh.

Snuck a oney in along the way. Jucifer was pretty kick-ass. I actually had to go buy earplugs.

Had an S.A. diner on the way home: two hotdogs for a buck.

He made fun of the new crop of floppy-angular-black-hair-eye-shadow-emo-core-bible-study groups.

At the Spyhouse we had two coffees each. Lots of conversation and people watching. We bitched about our jobs and shared stories of talking to strangers on the street. Couldn't figure out which Dylan album they were playing. (Later found out it was Desire.)

I'm a little hesitant to like this guy because of his background as a dead-head and Phish follower.

I’ve wanted to get some Slits stuff for awhile. Found it at the library. Reminds me of a female fronted Doors/Crass/Gang of Four thing. (?) I like it.

A girl playing fiddle for spare change. I watched her for a bit then decided the bratwurst wasn't enough.

Finished off with a swim in Lake Nokomis. Lots of pollution and little kid piss. So what, I'm tough.

Martin, the lead singer, was wearing nothing but a jock strap. Some kids brought out a gigantic blow-up penis and bounced it around the crowd. It was hilarious watching dude’s faces as they get hit in the head with a giant dork.

Kids everywhere. I'm old.


  1. I would gladly fuck all 3 of those chicks right this very second.

  2. This is some total fag shit.

  3. hypercritical assholeAugust 12, 2010 at 12:43 PM

    This doesn't make a lot of sense. Kind of like the Slater piece. Do the math.