The History of Punk-Part 4

Compiled from 2007...

I sat around an illegal campfire, drinking beer and listening to people tell stories.

Some gorgeous gal kept playing face time with me and I couldn't figure out why.

There are dick and pussy renderings hidden in the artwork.

Anyone remember Speed Metal? I think it's still around. Just goes by a different name.

"Junk Mail Kills Babies!"

You should know that I am always secretly judging your choice of footwear.

Balls to the Walls", "London Leatherboys"...hmm...Perhaps there is something Rob Halfordish about Accept that I didn’t realize when I was a kid.

Let's face it, your productivity level is way down and we haven't really kicked it for a few years now.

There are conflicting stories as to whether these guys were originally called Son of a Bitch or if some Saxon members later formed a band called Son of a Bitch. I don't care either way. I feel like the guy at the counter was a real son of a bitch for charging me a whole dollar for this record.

Cheeseman and I slugged stevewiesers in the parking lot before heading into Lee's to see Wayne Hancock. The place was fairly packed. Plenty of rockabilly and country music type folks as well as a group of people that looked like they just rolled off the farm.

I experienced one of those moments where I lose my shit.

Take care, and be careful with those flip flops.

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  1. liked it. it's like poetry.....or something.