The Life Changers-Episode 2: Up The Kids

From time to time I run into an old friend from the days of yore. Being that I'm in my thirties, the question of whether or not I have children always comes up. And I tell them I don't, the response is usually one of two things: A, a blank look that's equal parts disbelief and disappointment, or, B,"God, you're so lucky." Either way, I laugh and usually say something like well, except for the kids. And they of course are like, "Who? What?"

...The Kids are the young ones, up front, singing along at the punk shows.  "If the kids are united, we will never be defeated!"...

...The Kids are the Highland Park teenagers in skinny jeans and flannel shirts, flirting with each other outside Jimmy John's...

...The Kids are the blipsters from North High, jerkin' and battling in the hallway at halftime of the basketball game.  "When you spit, it's literally drool.  When I spit, I'm the best rapper in school."...

...The Kids are those two brothers riding BMX around my neighborhood; the older one always protectively positioning himself between the cars and his brother...

...The Kids are that girl from Bigfork who started the "lesbian gang." They weren't necessarily lesbians and they certainly were not a gang.  They were just a group of confused kids that weren't ready to have sex yet.  But that's small towns for ya...

...The Kids are that young fellow at Powderhorn Park that gets bullied on the playground.  The one who got sand thrown in his hair and down the back of his shirt.  I think about that guy a lot.  The look on his face haunts me.  And why didn't I say something?  That still kills me.

The Kids belong to someone else. But they are also mine too.  And they change my life every single day. 

Dear The Kids,
You're awesome. Thank you for that. Don't ever grow up.
Your Dad



  1. Anyone else find it ironic that a post about kids is samwitched between two pics of adults acting like children?

  2. stop being such a fag.