Political Correctness Is Really Harshing My Gig

The modern PC world has made it terribly difficult for me to swear. I remember my freshman year of college and I described someone as a “fag” because that was the best description of him I could muster and my “friend” was all “rrrrrealy?” Should I just expand my vocabulary?

I don’t think so. Maybe I just grew up in a special (like retarded) sort of bubble or something, but I’ve always felt “faggot” was a special term of endearment. We didn’t call just anybody faggot. You had to EARN that prefix to your name. C’mon, how are you gonna argue with Faggot

Feliple? (Way better than Famous Felipe… )

Cunt. So modern feminist clich├ęd… yet still so wonderful. I don’t find it offensive (because I have no soul). I just think it’s a beautiful, colorful word. Every time I’ve been called a cunt, I’ve laughed in the face of said name-caller.

Negress…. I have no explanation for why I think this offensive term is so goddamn wonderful. It just sounds powerful and beautiful to me. Whatever.

And then there’s the vag. I challenge all of you to a vagina euphemism contest. I bet I would win all beat battle style



  1. I think you're confused about what "swearing" is.

  2. Not really saying anything new here but still worthy. I can identify.

  3. Must have missed this the first time around. I like it.