Where Have All The Cowboy$ Gone?

So when we say we what we really mean these days is well, me

Nathan hasn't posted any #emo shit in a minute or any of those weird album and/or concert reviews he was doing last spring.  Our friend #J-Sho was asked to interview him about his love of pro rasslin' for a #Life Changers piece but if that actually happens or not, remains to be seen.  Dude says he's too busy at work to be blogging.  Fuck, tell me about it.  But shit, that's what I thought working desk jobs were for.  Anywasted, no #Totes Quotes or #RSCs rolling in either and nobody has asked me questions (#Dear BNB) in like, one hundred years.  If it wasn't for #Doomy stopping by to save the day every once in a while, there would be tumbleweeds rolling through this piece.  So for now, looks like it's just me, the HDD OG, BNB (Whoa, acronyms much?) and my dispatches from the Twitterless.  I'll be posting my rules for biking in the Mpls soon but in the meantime, would it kill ya to at least send me a question or, preferably, a hate-filled rant?  Photos are cool and all that, but come on dudes, dont make me do another #History of Punk.  Nobody wins when that happens.  Srsly.

AKA King of Cardigans AKA Skinny Tie Guy AKA Eatin' Mad Almonds


  1. You used to have Twitter. What ever happened to that? You're jokes were funny.

  2. Of course you did Anders, of course you did.

  3. More in house circle jerking. Like the new layout though.

  4. Freshman Comp, where are you?October 14, 2010 at 1:06 PM

    Hey Anders, *your.

  5. ^^ maybe he was calling him by his indian name- jokes were funny.

  6. This is the blog manifestation of a multiple personality disorder, yes?