And So Begins The Era Of Awsomeness...

Here's hoping it's a long one.

Recent history (i.e.-Seamus, Jack Swagger, CM Punk) would suggest that they will soon cut the legs out from under Mr. Mizanin.

However, it's become quite clear that WWE needs to seriously do some work to restore the value of their titles. And I think a lengthy, dominant title run with a creative and entertaining heel like Mike Mizanin on top is just the thing. If worked right, this guy is capable of attaining Josh Koscheck-like heat.

And besides, the money is in the chase. So let one of those performance enhancing drug users like boring-ass Orton or Cena or both chase him for a while.  Please.

Haven't marked out for something like that in wrestling that wasn't Jericho-related in a long time.

Miz is AWESOME~!

And haters, that's coming from a lifelong professional wrestling fan who knows his shit.


  1. Who gives a shit about this asshole. I doubt anyone will look at your shitty blog after yesterday.

  2. Hopefully Rowdy Roddy Piper's promo last week helps them realize that there are a lot of Superstars that have never even won the World Championship and therefore they should get more serious about it.