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My mans an them just came up to me and were all like, "Yo, I love your base.  That sweater is tight and oooooh, that tweed jacket.  Damn G, how do you stay so fresh?"

Look fools, men's fashion is so easy.  It's like this: starch you shirt collars.  That's pretty much it.  Oh, and...

Shermans, Penguins and Perrys.  Cardigans, thinny ties and Levi's.  Vans and Chucks.  RVCA too.

"Okay, yeah bro, but what about us females?" 

Well, you got it easy, with all the options ya'll have. 

But know this: it starts with the shoes.  Shoes say a lot about a women and surprise, the homies are never not secretly judging you. 

And absolutely, under no condition, should your "outfit" ever include any of the following hurl-inducing terminology: bell-bottom, boot-cut, or, uhm yuck, flair-leg.


  1. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100814200048AA2Kqau


  2. Word. Shoes are the key.

  3. lol@ "my mans an them" have not heard that in a minute. guy in pic looks like @heavymetaltony.

  4. ^stop comming on here and schilling your stupid twitter. ok we get it. you are @hmt.