Let the Gift Giving Begin

Shopped, we did.

The HDD staff is very excited (or perhaps more appropriately--amused) by our super sweet Black Friday finds.

Like for instance, these two very nice VHS tapes about opposite-of-normal men, Memoirs of an Invisible Man and Little Big Man. The former of which stars the single most compelling actor of all time, CHEVY CHASE~!  And the latter, a real life little big man, Dusty H.

What do we have here? A used copy of the Pissed Jeans' first Sub Pop release, Hope For Men, which for some undetermined reason was the subject of a bit of controversy when it was released to much internet praise in 2007. And OMG, is that what we think it is? Oh yes, a Fleer Ultra Beavis and Butthead trading card from 1994, on which the nuts-n-bolts of Prehistoric Times B.C. are so eloquently broken down.

Oh, and Nathan is very excited that protein powder was on sale at Target.

And what did you get?



  1. I got a nice pair of boots at Cole Haan. And a Devo record on vinyl.

  2. I saw that whey was on sale at Target too but I already have enough. Got a new charcoal Mossimo sweatshirt instead.

  3. I got a rushing first down. Saved the game. Wish I would have got that last year in the NFC Champinship but I was in the gift giving mood then.

  4. i got matching miz shirts for my son and i on wwe's cyber monday sale.