Weekend Plug$

HDD presents the 4th Annual Hot Dog Bowl Game
Well it's that time of year again.  The fourth installment of our annual flag football extravaganza known as the Hot Dog Bowl is upon us.  It takes place Saturday at the McRae Park field at 46th st & Chicago Ave in south Mpls at 10am.  Bring yourselves, bring your friends and bring two bandannas or something of similar ilk that can be used as flags.  But bundle up because it's supposed to be cold.  A flask might be in order...

Twin Cities Fringe Culture Summit
Not fringe like the Fringe Festival, which is for theater geeks, but fringe as in "existing outside of, or on the fringe of mainstream."  (Whatever that means.  That's what it says on the flyer.)  The TC Fringe Culture Summit is an all day event of art, music and culture taking place at various establishments in of all places, Blaine. (???)  At 3pm at KB's Java I will be participating in panel discussion called Keeping It Real: Is The Underground Really Underground Anymore?  And at 7pm at Bubbler's Cantina I will be showing some photos and reading two short stories.  One about my third time ever taking 'shrooms, called "Don't Let The Lovehandles Fool You, I'm Actually Pretty Attractive" from my first collection-Lay Off Dude, She Never Told Me She Had A Boyfriend.  And the second, a scathing expose about what really goes on in the back of the bus on the way back from high school track meets called "If Corey Finds Out He's Going To Shit Bricks", taken from the forthcoming collection-So Long And Thanks For All The Hot Dogs.  I'll have various zines, mixtapes and some leftover FjF swag available for free at both appearances.  Check it out!

Back Alley Gallery Fall Sale
One stop holiday shopping for you and your kin.  A plethora of artistic and crafty wares from the likes of local talent: Peter Jadoonath, Bob Brocken, Kate Nelson, Nikki Witt, Nathan O'Brien, Molly Chandler, Amy Conwell, Matthew Hartmann, DWITT and others.  Friday 6-10pm, Saturday 2-6pm.  Back Alley Gallery is located at 262 East 4th st in Lowertown-St. Paul.  http://www.thebackalleygallery.com/ for more info.

PS-Fuck Matt Hughes. Go BJ Penn!

PPS-Fuck the Pack.  Skol Vikings!


  1. I can't imagine the people that will be the Fringe Culture Summit. Wish I could go just to see it.

  2. i should come to the football game just to put a fuckn' hit on you!