What's that $mell?

Dear HDD,
I sat behind a dude on the bus this morning that had quarter-sized gauges in his ear.  I swear to god I could smell them.  It stunk like a vegan wiped their ass with a dirty leather jacket.  Just thought you'd like to know.  Ok, have a great day!
-Christian Lyter

Dear Christian,
Pretty sure you just stole one of our smells-like jokes from an old post, but we're too lazy to look it up.  Or did you mean to say it stunk like someone burped into a pair of second-hand aqua socks?  Or was it more like somebody just opened a ten year old jar of farts inside a meat processing plant?  Thanks for the update.  Seriously, we always love hearing from you.  Oh, and you have a great day too!

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