Gift Idea Part III

If someone could be so kind as to send me a copy of Louder Than Bombs on vinyl, cassette or CD, that would be super wizard mind fuck sweet. Oh, I'll take a Starbucks gift card too so that I can get some Green Tea Lattes. Then I'll have all the fixins to make more minimalist/devoid of emotion/sarcastic/minimalist/evangelical/totally serious/minimalist (f)art like I did in two thousand and seven...or was it eight. I dunno cuz I try it all ya know. Like Jo, the unwed mother. Now don't you go saying you didn't get any gift ideas from me.


  1. Back on the reefer are we?

  2. I remember these pieces and they were good. Youre too hard on yourself. But you know this :)

  3. Seriously guyz at last put up your best of list or something. Hoiday vacation is officially over and you post less than @heavymetaltony tweets.