Reality TV Killed the Video Star

Forgive the late slip but I just got around to reading this month-old article someone sent me on the evolution of MTV hipters (Link.  Warning: its on that whole annoying flip-a-page-every-paragraph-equals-more-hits/time-on-our-add ridden-website layout tip.)

Now, I can excuse the absence of Kurt Loder, as he was technically not a VJ, but the exclusion of Dave Kendall is a grave oversight.  Srsly now, ahhhh 120 Minutes, anyone?  OG motherfuckin' hipster VJ, bitches!

And Jim Shearer, like it or not, should be on the list, as he was the one playing videos on Subterranean (MTV2's 120 Minutes replacement) during the whole moppy hair emo explosion that drove the final nail in the hardcore coffin during the early '00s.  (PS-I will admit to liking this video/song when it first came out.  I trust you won't tell anyone.)

Oh, but what really bothers me most is not the article with it's shitty layout and omissions (lists are just a matter of opinion) but rather that yet again we are reminded...and I know it's been said ONE MILLION TIMES...that MTV does not play videos anymore!

I know everyone of us used to bitch about it when we had it ("They always show the same videos.") and as much as we secretly (or not so secretly) love the Jersey Shore, goddammit, would it be great to have some fucking music videos back in our lives.

There, now it's been said one million and one times.

Fuck it.

(Speaking of fucking it, did Kennedy ever end up losing her virginity?)


  1. you want music TV? check out That Metal Show on demmand, i think. google it

  2. oh another @heavymetaltony plug. great.

  3. I saw an inteview with Kennedy a few years ago. Not a virgin anymore.

  4. Det. James "Sonny" CrockettDecember 2, 2010 at 6:00 PM

    Kennedy and Lisa Loeb are the same person. Same 1st name, never in the same place at the same time. Both can't get laid. It's real.

  5. Kennedy has two kids now. Probably not a virgin. Also, fuck this stuped blog. I'm done with it.

  6. @^it's stupid, stupid. BURN!