Hey Dudes, It's Okay To Have A Laugh.

How To Segue Into Some Party Pics
I just finished reading a book called We Never Learn, about garage punk from the late 80s up through the early part of the 00s, and man, was it serious.  Like, not a lot of laughs.  Good book--informative, insightful, well-written, but not a lot of laughs.

Yesterday I passed a dude on the staircase at work and I meant to say "Hey, dude." but instead I said "Hey, Dad."  And without missing a beat (or a step) he replies "Hello, Son." and keeps on going down the stairs without looking back and smiling or anything.  And I keep watching him go down the stairs, waiting for him to turn around and offer up a laugh or something.  But he doesn't and I'm left there like, "What the fuck is that?  I just called this dude 'Dad' by accident and he calls me Son?  And that's just that?  We're not even going to acknowledge the humor?" 

Dudes, it's a sign of everyone being overextended.  Not just at our jobs, but, like, everywhere.  People don't even have time to laugh right now.  Everyone is all worried and shit.  I blame our Muslim president.

Oh relax.  What did that even have to do with anything?  See, people are too uptight too.

Which is why it's good to party every once and awhile.  Have a few drinks, loosen up, maybe grab a dude's ass for fun.  You know, have a laugh. 

Here's some shitty photos from a party we went to recently.  My brother is going to hate them because he thinks we always put crappy photos up.  At Christmas he was all like, "I look at other blogs, and people do take good photos."  And I'm all like, "You must be looking at blogs in Opposite World, 'cuz the Internet is all about shitty photos, man."  So anyway, like I said, here are some pics from a party we went to recently...


  1. eating crackers under covers in bedJanuary 20, 2011 at 8:48 AM

    When you guys post shite like this how could you ever expect anyone to take you serious when you write about the best records of the year? Total drivel.

  2. this one time i did this one thing and oh boy was it ever something

  3. Now there is a couple fellow that look like they know how to have a good time.

  4. Our invite must have gotten lost in the mail.

  5. There are a couple of really great coats going on here. :)