Winona Ryder, Goin' Inside Her*

I had to put down the Eric Davidson book long enough to see my girl WINONA on Jimmy Fallon last night.

She doesn't own a computer.  I find comfort in that. Then she doesn't have to read all the mean things people say about her.

But at the same time, she probably doesn't know I've been asking her out for, like, a million years.

Don't get me wrong, I got a girl.  A great girl.  So great, that if I asked nicely and had a convincing enough argument, she might give a free pass for WINONA.

So, WINONA, should you happen to come across this on that brand new iPhone you said you just got, well, the invitation is still, and always, open.

*Song lyric from Cock Mobster, by MC Paul Barman


  1. 3 posts in 3 weeks and this is what we get? I'm checking out of this bitch.