How to Survive Winter~Part 3

We've been trying to stay busy doing all kinds of things. Instead of letting this brutal winter crush us, we've been doing our best to crush it--tropical vacations, egg white and almond diets, getting jacked, getting shredded, getting ripped, getting fat, obsessing about body images, treating bone spurs, etc.--you know, the usual.  A couple weeks back Nathan went up to Ely, MN with Jason Trebs, Jon Strom and Lora Conwell to throw some snow around for "The Enchanted Forest," a sculpture they created for the 2011 Snow Sculpture Symposium. Here is a preview. More pics to come...

Photos by Jason Trebs and Lora Conwell, Ely, MN, 2/4-6/11

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  1. cain't wait to see more. HDD, most diverse, talented Blog(er)ever! have a great summer, don't ever change.