RE: I'm So Uncool?: Things I'm Not Sure Whether I'm Supposed To Like Or Not, But Kind Of Do Either Way.

Kid Rock
Kid Rock's songs are near-unlistenable.  That Sweet Home Alabama/Werewolves of London mashup summer jam fucking s u u u c k s.  I would punch Dan Henderson's right fist with my face until I blacked out if it meant I never had to hear it again.(1)  His persona though; that's another thing. I could watch Kid Rock host MTV Spring Break(2) all day long and never get sick of it. It's been said that charisma is simple: either you have it or you don't.  Whether you hate him or love him or you're indifferent, there is no denying Kid Rock is charismatic.  It's not so much Kid Rock the artist, as it is Kid Rock the person, or rather, the idea that I like.

Kristen Stewart
While acting is something you certainly can be bad at, I'm not convinced it's something you can be good at.  I've always had a soft spot for actors/actresses that are widely criticized as bad.(3)  The knock on K-Stew is what; that she's monotone, boring, lacks energy, lacks passion, has the same blank stare for every emotion, etc.  Yeah, I've heard it all.  I haven't seen the Twilight films, nor have I read the books, but I have seen other K-Stew movies, so I can see where people are getting this.  But here's the thing:  Who are we to say that's not who the character is?  We all know quote-unquote boring people in real life, right?  So it's very plausible that in movies there would characters that would be boring people too.  Sometimes that person might be one of the main characters.  And sometimes the actor or actress may have played that part perfectly.  I think Kristen Stewart is good great at what she does.

Napoleon Dynamite and Juno
I put these two films together, as both were released to equal amounts of praise and criticism and subsequently subject to undeserving backlash from both sides.  Both were tales of growing up as the product of unconventional family life.  Both were ripe with kitsch and purposeful quirkiness designed to evoke a wide range of emotions.  Which is exactly why some people loved them and exactly why some people hated them.  They were effective films, in that nobody had a middle-of-the-road reaction to them.  While opinions are just, well, opinions, some are in fact wrong.  It is widely regarded as truth that the people that didn't like these films, were A, miserable and depressed, B, right-wing conservatives, C, jealous, or D, haters.  And If for some strange reason you liked one but not the other, I would strongly suspect you're a very confused individual and would have difficulty explaining yourself to any reasonable person.

Hardee's/Carl's Jr.
Three percentage based facts concerning myself and Hardees's: 1-If you've ever been in the car with me at 4am on the way home from a party there is 80% chance you've heard me longingly ask the following question: "Can we go to Hardee's? Pleeease!?" 2-60% of all sourdough bread I have ingested in my lifetime comes from Frisco Melts.(4) 3-At the drive-thru, and at the last minute, 99% of the time I will add a Hot Ham-n-Cheese to whatever else I have ordered(5) and proceed to eat it on the way home.

Honorable Mention: Modest Mouse, diet soda, Red Hot Chili Peppers, red meat 


1-Never mind, I just watched the video and now I l o v e it!  Plus, Dan Henderson has a wicked right hand.
2-Does MTV still do this?  Remind me to tell you the story about a friend of mine that was a contestant on Singled Out-Spring Break edition.
3-For instance, I enjoy the work of Keanu Reeves, at least as far as Point Break and Speed are concerned.
4-True story: I never liked Sourdough bread until I had my first Frisco Melt.  I was in 8th grade, I believe.
5-Usually a Frisco Melt combo meal.


  1. clarification? which member of the HHD staff wrote this? BNB, Nathan, that weird chick?

  2. For the most part I agree on all of these. Good point about good and bad acting being subjective. Simple enough thought but I never looked at it that way. I suppose KStew isn't that bad after all.

    @PE# 1st
    It says BNB.

  3. @^^ I thought Chuck Klosterman wrote it.

  4. Were you high when you wrote the part about Juno and ND? Way off base on that my man. Way off.