Dear HDD, I Walk The Streets With The Creeps And The Freaks

Hi, it's me again

This one is for good 'ol J-U-S-E-S.  Well, I never was that good at spelling.  I never spelt nuttin' that well.  Shout outs to God, Christ, and teenage queers everywhere.  Treat me like a piece of meat and throw me back out on the street.  I'm a poet and I didn't even know it.  Anybody want a donut?

I do.

The Adolescents' "Kids of the Black Hole"...

Kids in a fast lane living for today.
No rules to abide by and no one to obey.
Sex, drugs and fun is their only thought and care.
Another swig of brew, another overnight affair.

I fuckin' love that song.  I wish I would have had a punk house to crash at when I was a kid.  I'm full of regrets and romanticism about a childhood that never existed.  Two normies in Dockers and tucked in polo shirts just walked by me.  Their conversation went like this...

"What was that song...from their first album?"

"'My Home Town'?"

"Yeah, that's it."

"That isn't a 'their' it's a 'his'...The Boss, Bruce Springsteen.  And it wasn't his first album.  It's from Born In The USA."

Yeah, born in the USA, huh.  Born Too Late.  Born Against.  Born To Lose.  Bourne Identity.  And to the republic for which it stands: one nation under God with plenty of tricks to turn.  Which reminds me... I have to go to work.  I leave you with two more photographs from the desert wasteland.  I call the first one "Coke Bust" and the second one "Cleft Palate." 
Sugar Dunk

Yuma, AZ, 4/21/11

Tolleson Union High School, Tolleson, AZ, 3/18/11
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  1. this kid is the best thing on this blog in a long time.

  2. LOVE IT! More please, Mr. Dunk.

    PS: I hope you're ok. :/

  3. A young impressionable community college student sits in the local Starbucks of bordertown, USA, Googling "best punk songs ever" on his high-end laptop. Uses the composite caricature he created for his creative writing class to troll holier than thou hipster bloggers. I wouldn't doubt it if you see these same posts on other sites this guy visits. I give him an A for Effort.

  4. @Name/URL Haha funny man. I'm just trying to get by day to day. If that's a crime, believe me, I've already served plenty of time for it. HotDogDayz is the only place I sent this to.

    @both Anons Thanks you guys. Means a lot.

  5. hey zona dwella good stuff. do you care if i put your pics on the franco tumblr?

  6. Keep these coming please.

  7. Russell WestbrookMay 12, 2011 at 12:39 PM

    Also Tolleson AZ is a terrible place to spend your youth. Get out!

  8. @this is some funny rap music

    Yeah man, go ahead.

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