Dear HDD, The Miserable Life Of A Companion Dog

Dear HotDogDayz,
Everyday I ride the bus I see this blind women and her seeing eye dog. Being blind surely sucks, but man, that dog is in hell. He always looks so miserable. She yells at him in front of everybody and he always has to wear that uncomfortable harness thing. He always looks at me with a face that says "Please kill this bitch and take me out to the desert so I can chase ground squirrels." It kills me and pretty much ruins my day every time. A poetic moment happened today as I was listening to Husker Du on my headphones and staring at this poor dog. It was the song "It's Not Funny Anymore" from Metal Circus...

Act like you want to act!
Be what you want to be!
Find out who you really are!
And don't pay any attention to me!

I think I might have to do something.

Also, it bums me out that I never got to see Husker Du.  I was only a child when they were on their final tour.  If I would have gotten to see them it could have totally changed my life, ya know.  Instead I'm left wondering what could have been.  Just like that sad dog on the bus. 

Thanks for letting me vent.  You're always asking for submissions, so here are some unrelated photos I've taken recently.  Well they are somewhat related in that they are depressing.  Mostly because I don't know a damn thing about photography.

AKA Sugar Dunk,  AKA 'Zona Dwella

Yuma, AZ, 5/4/11

Tolleson, AZ, 5/7/11

Dear Mr. Dunk,
I don't think you can call them seeing eye dogs anymore. Pretty sure that's the "oriental" of the guide dog world. Looks like you have photography figured out though, man. Keep doing what you're doing. And send us more stuff!  PS-Bummer about the dog but don't do anything stupid.

Send your stuff to bnb@hotdogdayz.com


  1. Well thanks for the dog shit pic. Just threw up my Reese's. and I REALLY like Reese's.

    And what's up with the back dating of posts lately? This wasn't here yesterday.

  2. Agreed^^ this just hit my RSS now, yet it's dated the 9th. Husker sucks btw.

  3. Take it from someone that has been there, the second pic pretty much sums up the complete shit pile that is Tolleson, AZ.

  4. the dog turd looks like a little cock and balls.

  5. @Anon12:16

    You are correct sir.


    Haha, you are also correct sir. I never noticed that before.

  6. clearly this is the work of a kid obsessed with this site who desires the approval of over the hill hipster bloggers like bnb and nathen.