Kodak Kidd, Casey Jones, and Duece Seven on the BNSF

To someone not interested in rail monikers, It's hard to explain why you feel the need to document every streak you see.  Or why you'd screech to a death defying stop on the Interstate to jump out and flick the train rolling by.  It's like a kid collecting comic books or Pokemon cards or something.  It's history, and if you don't capture it, it's like, "Shit!" A few minutes before I got these, I missed flicking not one but two Conrail Twittys because my camera was still in my bag. By the time I got it out, the train was gone. Bummer.  Anyway...

Nice to see the Kodak Kidd rolling through.  I don't know if it's just me, but it seems to be rare in these parts.  Thus far, Kodak Kidd has been more than generous in our correspondence--taking time to answer my pesky inquires.  When I asked him about this particular one, "Catching a ride with 27 on BNSF," this is what he had to say:

Well, if you're thinking we hopped/rode that train together, we didn't. The story is, I was in a rail yard late one night, probably 12-1 AM, and came upon the car, I remember the one, believe it was a green hopper of some sort. I saw 27's streak on the panel, and being an admirer of his stuff as well, I placed one of my monikers on it, and labeled it ''catching a ride.'' Basically meaning "getting up" on the same car; my moniker will ride along with 27's. "Casey Jones -All Aboard" is me as well. I started that moniker a few years ago. I don't do many of them, so they are somewhat rare. I started it because there are times when I'm streaking for hours and after doing a ton of film rolls etc., it's gets tiring. I wanted something that was different from the usual strokes of the Kodak Kidd, and that was a little quicker to execute. One day I just drew it, without thinking, and liked it. I refined it a little, and Casey Jones was born. There is actually a Casey Jones Flickr page I started, but rarely update. Here is the link for that page.
-The Kodak Kidd

Mpls, MN, April '11

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