Scene Report: Autumn Daze

2011 Autumn Daze, Church of St. Helena, Mpls, MN, 9/17/11
One of the local churches that didn't get burned down by Norwegian Black Metal BMXers and/or Juggalos and/or it's landlord hosted a little medium-sized hootenanny over the weekend. They have been pumping up the neighborhood about this thing for months now. And by that I mean standing outside the liquor store handing out coupons for free hot dogs. Free hot dogs! How could we not go, amirite? So we went yesterday, and oh man, what a shit show it was. Lot's of people that are...ah, well, let's just say that sometimes the things they say about the Middle Americas is kinda true. And seriously what's with Canadian Tuxedo already!?!? How does this still exist? Actually, thankfully it still does, so that the rest of us can laugh at it. They had tons of beer, and for cheap. But we didn't stay long enough to enjoy a single one because the amount of overweight people smoking cigarettes in front of their kids was totally bumming us out. And oh yeah, the free hot dog was garbage.

Church of St. Helena, Mpls, MN, 9/17/11

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  1. That's just what people with kids look like, get over it. Nice to see J Shoe is still sporting the Coors Light t shirt though.