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Speaking of Nathan: He lost his shit last night during Monday Night RAW.  In a fit of rage, he wrote a "fuck"-laden letter (email) to the Wrestling Observer and Figure Four Daily newslestters (website), which they promplty posted on their front page.  F4W/WO subscribers can read it here.  Everyone else can read it here:

I simply cannot watch/listen to Michael Cole anymore. And here we go with JR again.

This entire thing is a giant shitshow that never, ever, ever, EVER changes. It's worse than Impact because every so often an angle comes up that gets you excited again, whereas with Impact you know up front what you're getting is nothing but nonsensical crap. With WWE you sincerely want it to be good. You want to enjoy it. But they make it impossible. Every good thing that happens they fuck up seemingly on purpose. Seriously, WWE is just horrendous at this point.

When Vince said there might not be PPVs or RAW anymore, I kind of wish he wasn't lying.

I'm not even going to watch the CM Punk/Del Rio match. I'm going to the gym. Fuck this shit.

Nathan G. O'Brien


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