Coming Soon: Ashley's Thrash Zone

Hey Brohams and Brohamlettes,

I figured it's about time I contribute something, so the HDD powers that be and I have worked out a little plan here for a semi-regulus thing...ASHLEY'S THRASH ZONE!  (It won't always be cap-locked and exclamated.  I'm just really excited about it at the moment.)  I'll officially start next week, but in the meantime BNB wanted me to fill in the blanks on this questionaire for you...

My name is Ashley Marinelock but you can call me Ashley (or Smashley when I'm wasted.  But only when I'm wasted.  Otherwise it kind of pisses me off.)

I’m originally from Costa Mesa, CA but I currently live in Minneapolis, MN (Midtown.  Do people care about neighborhoods here?)  Yes. -Ed.

One of my greatest achievements so far is I ate tacos everyday for the month before I moved here.  Then on my first day here, my hamlette Andrea was like, "Oh, I know this really great place to get good tacos," and I ate them again. 

The things that make me tired are/is instrumental and/or prog rock and boys who can't make decisions.

The first thing I do in the morning is start the coffee and do ten pushups. 

The last thing before bed is a secret  Lame. -Ed.

People would say I dress like a boy but I  think of it more as only using the top two buttons of my plaids.

When I was a kid I wanted to be a pizza shop owner and now I'm hocking Aldo's.

My mother always says I don't tell her what's going on with me.

So that's me I suppose.  I'll be back next week talking thrash and thrash-related biz with the first installment of...Ashley's Thrash Zone.  (See, no caps or exclamation point.  It's already lost some of it's luster I guess.)


We are looking for new contributors.  Send your idea or whatevs to bnb@hotdogdayz.com to get the ball rolling.  You too could be a superstar blogger zinester scenester.  Make it happen!


  1. Hey look another BNB sock puppet! Well at least we wil have something to read for once!

  2. @Name/URL

    "exclamated?" Really?

  3. haha sock puppet i dont think so i know ashley.