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We are very busy here at HDD HQ comparing tall boys of various domestic light canned beers,  reading angry letters from people who don't think rap music is punk, watching lots of basketball (which will also piss off the ponx,) creating new zines, and putting together our year-end best-of lists.  The last two of which, will be coming along shortly...plug-plug.  As well, we have brought a couple new contributors into the fold:  Ashley, who tells us her first installment of Ashley's Thrash Zone is on its way (So, like, where is it then Ash? Hint, hint. -Ed.), and a friend of the family, who has yet to decide on a handle, who we will refer to in the interim as, ah, Friend of the Family.  The latter of which, will be covering some of the more rootsy, folky, Americana-tinged extensions of punk that fall outside of the crust/black/thrash/D-beat/doom/sludge/hardcore yada-yada realm normally discussed in these proverbial pages.  As always, we are open to ANY ideas from you.  There is virtually no topic we are afraid of.  I mean, if you're all like, "I'd like to do 'This Month in Child Pornograpy'", we'll politely decline, but you get the idea--we're open.  It you'd like to throw something down, whether it be one time, or on the regular, get in touch: bnb@hotdogdayz.com.  Now without further adieu, Friend of the Family, take it away...   

Hey There,
So here's the skinny: every couple weeks I will run down on whats hot, what you should avoid, and talk about upcoming new music--punk, rock, folk and the like. I officially start after the new year.  But in the meantime, here is my recommendations of 2011 records that you should be adding to your iPod or vinyl collection...

Top 7 albums of 2011

1. Nothington-Borrowed Time
Third full length from the bay area quartet, first on Brendan Kelly from Lawrence Arms fame, new label Red Scare Industries. To me it could be the punk rock's Nebraska. It's honest, working class punk rock at it's finest! Now if Rancid could give us another good album.

Reminds me of: Social Distortion  Key Track: "Where I Can't be Found"

2. The Horrible Crowes- Elsie 
It could be called a Gaslight Anthem homer, the everyday band of Brian Fallon. With the help of his guitar tech Ian Perkins, Falllon writes some goddamn depressing shit. It's usually what Ryan Adams writes about, sad bastard music. Fallon is one of this generations most important up and coming songwriters. He is the jukebox romeo, but with his side project he moves away from the Springsteen comparisons, and lays down layered "night time music" as he describes, in his own words. It is heavily influenced by The Afghan Whigs, and Tom Waits, with a touch of the heavily underrated band The Cure.

Reminds me of: Bob Mould-Workbook  Key track: "Ladykiller" (My favorite track of 2011)

3. Dave Hause-Resolutions
Taking a detour from his punk rock band Philadelphia's The Loved Ones, Dave Hause puts out a very eclectic debut solo album. There's piano, keys, and some of the most vivid imagery I've heard since Craig Finn of the Hold Steady. And as a bonus Pete Steinkopf from the Bouncing Souls produces and plays on a few tracks. Dave's passionate about what he does and shows it in the way he carries his voice.

Reminds me of: Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music)  Key track: "Time Will Tell"

4. Kasey Anderson and the Honkies-The Heart of a Dog
Now back home in Portland with a new band, Kasey is another great up and coming songwriter in the veins of Steve Earle and Springsteen. This album has it all, blues, rock, folk.

Reminds me of: Steve Earle-Guitar Town  Key Track: "My Baby's a Wrecking Ball"

5. Title Fight-Shed
Post-punk hardcore blasts from the speakers and aims to tear the roof off this motha. Their debut record and the best one of the year.

Reminds me of: Jawbreaker  Key Track: "Shed"

6. Ryan Adams-Ashes and Fire
On his one millionth album Adams does his best Neal Young Harvest. The songs are simple but Adams always so vivid with his imagery. I'm starting to think of Adams is in the same category as The Beastie Boys and Beck. Whatever they put out even if it was a techno/country record I'd buy and it would actually be pretty good. Ryan goes back to his first album Heartbreakers more stripped down acoustic roots. Norah Jones provides great background vocals and Ethan Johns who produced records for the Rolling Stones, does so here. Sobriety and Mandy Moore have him sounding at his best yet, vocally.

Reminds me of: Ryan Adams-Cold Roses

7. Red City Radio-The Dangers of Standing Still
Oklahoma City has found it's big punk band. They're anthems, foot tappers, and they sound like Hot Water Music!

Reminds me of: NOFX-The Decline  Key Track: "50'th & Western"

'Til next year; live the dream!
-Friend of the Family


  1. snoozefest=most of this music.

  2. I know, I know. I'm not off to a good start. I promise after the holidays I will start. Exodus and Little C's pizza and wings in the THRASH ZONE.

    ps-good stuff FotF.

  3. Ryan Adams? Sorry, no. Just...ug...no. Kudos to getting some new talent up in here tho.

  4. Johnny (from Bemidji)December 22, 2011 at 12:35 PM

    Little known fact; Ryan Adams is a huge Grateful Dead fan. Therefore, he should not be discussed in a favorable manner on this website.

  5. Travis Boz's very large noseDecember 22, 2011 at 12:42 PM

    if this is "the dream" i dont want to live it.

  6. I like to put giant dildos in my ass!

  7. Come on now anonymous internet commenters let's not scare the new people off. This is decent.

  8. OMG that is not me! 12:43 is an IMPOSTER!

  9. Friend of the FamilyDecember 22, 2011 at 7:26 PM

    First piece on the fly. Stay tuned, the next piece is gonna be on Nick Nolte vs. Gary Busey, and how you can't tell them apart. As far as Adams being a Dead fan, yes he is, but Adams really is into Death Metal, which is surprising, and a huge Black Flag fan, and is good friends with Henry Rollins, also he just played at the tribute show for Bob Mould from Husker Du!!! Also Jesse Michaels from Operation Ivy/Common Rider, puts out first full length s/t album under the name Classics of Love on February 14, on Asian Man records. The next piece is not on Busey and Nolte, it's about a musician from Minneapolis. Check out the show American Horror Story on FX, it's twisted, and hard to believe the guy who created Glee, Ryan Murphy who also did Nip/Tuck produces. Stay tuned...

  10. Hah, he bit on it you fuckers. FotF nevermind the stupid teenagers that comment on here. There bored and jaded because they were raised on the interet and video games while there mom was out sucking dick for meth in cady behind the local dive bar and dad was always on "work trips" which really meant "anywhere but at home with my loser kids and there methhead mother."

  11. J (from B)'s comment brings to light a very important question..... Are we openly referring to this blog as a website now?

    FotF, don't defend yourself. It's pointless and it will only make them (aka me, us) go after you harder. It's bully on the playground type shit around here......

  12. how did you know my mother was a meth head? weird!

  13. Someone loan *their English 101 book to Anon9:47 and direct him to the chapter on their/there/they're.

    Sorry Freshman Comp, beat ya to it!

  14. Friend of the FamilyDecember 24, 2011 at 10:01 PM

    Thanks for the comments, good or bad, in the next year I will be posting music pieces and general rants. With it being an election year I will have plenty to say. I'm neither republican or democrat. Like Chris Rock said, "Guns I'm conservative, prostitution, I'm liberal." Couldn't have said it better. Just watched Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", brilliant!!! Wish everyone the best. Pumped for the start of the NBA season tomorrow, my six year old son cannot wait to watch Blake and CP3.

  15. The Greatful Dead sucks so much ass.

  16. @FotF
    Sorry bro, per HDD rules, no politics. Also, GWTDT was brilliant enough the first time around. I can't imagine the new one being anything but dumbed down. Then again, I have not seen it yet. Opinion fuckin' rule bro. What up, what up! Up the Clippers fo' sho'.

    Best. Comment. Ever. You're funny; come write for us.

    Well said.

    Stop talking about the Wire already! That shit is old now, and I saw it before you anyway, so shut the fuck up about it. Opinions rule, bro. Peace!

  17. I've wanted to watch the Wire for sometime, it's gotta be sweet. Had to watch the last episode of Mad Men to remember what happened, damn writers strike. Also the pilot episode for HBO's new drama "Luck" which stars Dustin Hoffman, was intense. It looks like Sopranos at the horse racing track. And I'm fine with the no politics rule. New Dragon Tatoo was better, David Fincher is a brilliant director. And I watched Drive with Gosling for the seventh time, my movie of the year for 2011. And damn!!!!!!!! the first T-Wolves game was intense, Rubio is gonna be a difference maker, and get guys easy shots, won't score much. Thankful for basketball to start. They push football too much, I love it, but now every ex-NFl player is an analyst on ESPN.