on the stere-ere-o

Oh, what's that, you're looking for music recommendations, old and new, and wondering what we--known taste makers and know-it-alls--have on rotation here at HDD HQ?  Well thanks for asking.  Here is list of some of  CDs/records/tapes/downloads/etc. currently rocking the office stereo:

Against Empire-Thieves and Leeches
Anthrax-Spreading the Disease
A$AP Rocky-LiveLoveA$AP
Baltic Cousins-For the Hell of Us
Black Milk & Danny Brown-Black & Brown
Brute Heart-Lonely Hunter
Butthole Surfers-Psychic..Powerless..Another Man's Sack
Cryptopsy-None So Vile
Dead Milkmen-Eat Your Paisley
I Self Devine-LA State of Mind
Quelle Chris-Shotgun & Sleek Rifle
Raekwon-Unexpected Victory
Run DMC-King of Rock
Sonic Youth-Evol
Soul Asylum-Clam Dip and Other Delights
Thurston Moore-Demolished Thoughts
Vallenfrye-A Fragile King

As well, you can always click the "music" tag/label thingy to see our past posts on tuneage.

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