Scene Report: Drinking Forties By Myself

I don't know about you but I always like to have at least one--preferably two--forties of ice cold M-bizzy in the frizzy.  (That's wigga-speak for "malt liquor in the fridge", btw.)  I'll do Colt 45 or Mickey's, or, if they don't have those, Olde English "800".  But I def go with Colt or Mick's first.  No St.Ides, Black Bull, Camo, double malts, or anything "ice" or "gold."  And I absolutely draw the line at Ojo Malo-Evil Eye.  That shit isn't even funny for a joke.  Forties are my go-to beverage on Saturday nights when I decide not to do anything that requires leaving the crib.  The routine usually goes something like this:  Crack one and head into the studio to work on zines or some shit but mostly end up just flipping the radio dial between various rap shows on KFAI, the Current, and KMOJ.  (The latter of which, being the only time you'll catch me listening to Drake, Weezy or anything resembling R&B or rappers who can't rap.  But that's cuz they do it with a nice mix that includes dancehall and old-school hip-hop.  Plus, like Brother Ali said years ago when he was defending 50Cent to the backpackers, "You gotta know what the streets is listenin' to.")  Maybe I'll get a page or two of a zine done but primarily it's just dancing by myself and tough-guy-B boy-posturing to nobody but my cat, who looks at me like, "whaaaat the fuck..."  Then when the rap shows are over, I crack another forty and put on some punk rock records and try to work on art stuff again, but pretty much just end up playing air-guitar and/or air-hardcore singer.  This will last until I get tired of having to change the records every three songs--usually another 40oz.  Then I go out to the living room to watch late-night broadcasts of Lucha Libre and listen to The Root of All Evil and send text messages that I will regret the next morning.  I haven't crossed into the three-forties-in-one-night zone in years, but I might have a few additional regular-sized light domestic beers while partaking in this particular activity--eventually leading to the big pass-out.        

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