Scene Report: Prep Hoops, Apple Valley vs. Lakeville North

You may be asking yourself, "What's with all the Apple Valley lately?"  Well, for a suburb, it's not terribly far from where I live on the South Side of Mpls.  I mean, it's a drive, but it you want to see the good metro teams that are not in the city (like DeLaSalle and Washburn for example) you gotta travel.  And it's closer than say, Hopkins.  But the main reason is a particular sophomore star on the rise.  You may have heard of him: first name Tyus, last name Jones.  (Go ahead, plug that one into your Twitter.) 

Not anywhere near sold out like it was last week when they met cross town rivals and fellow state-ranked team, Eastview, but still, quite a few more folks than when I had been there earlier in the season for a game vs. St. Louis Park.  The AV Eagles were ranked third going into tonight's game, and Lakeville North was fourth.  So, you get it, right?  Big fuckin' game here.  And it lived up to the hype.  It's no secret they put HGH in the water down in Lakeville, as evidenced by the fact that the Panthers only have two guys under six feet on their team.  Two of them--Tyler Flack and Brett Rasmussen--are freaking monsters.  Someone might want to administer post-game piss tests on these two, know what I'm sayin'.  And it was basically the tale of the tape that won out here.  Not for lack of trying, the Eagles were clearly out-muscled tonight.  One could make the argument that the refs let a lot of shit go (Jones could have easily doubled his twenty-two points at the line, had they been calling it tighter), but then again, they were letting it go both ways.  Ultimately the Panthers took control of things late in the game for a convincing win.  (If you want the specifics of the game, you can get that info from much more credible sources.) 

Watching Tyus is like reading poetry if poetry was a basketball player and instead of reading it you got to watch it.  (Not that I know anything about reading poetry. I just really didn't want to use a cliche like "poetry in motion.")  So, ah, I guess you could say it's like poetry in motion.  He just barely lost his composure near the end.  Perhaps it was a combination of fatigue due to being overpowered physically and the culmination of several missed shots, especially at the rim.  Another player on the Eagles that's fun to watch is Dustin Fronk.  He's a scrappy slasher--who has an amazing handle on the ball, despite an unorthodox approach--and a relentless work ethic.  Not to mention, he puts the ball in the hoop. Lakeville North is fun too.  A little less flashy, but entertaining nonetheless.  I look forward to seeing more of both these teams as the season rolls on. 

Now for the important shit; concessions.  Three bucks gets you a hot dog, chips and a can of pop.  I went for it of course.  Ketchup, mustard, regular Sun Chips, and a Diet Pepsi.  You know the diet sodas makes the tube steak and chips ok, right?  I managed to escape without eating at some sort of large chain restaurant this time too.


  1. Oh I get it its now Grantland for dummies.

    1. I don't know about you but part of the reason I come here is the broad scope.

  2. So soy milk doesn't fit in "the plan" but hot dogs and chips do?

  3. soy milk is so Gutter Punk?