Scene Report: Prep Hoops, Minnetonka vs. Rochester John Marshall

photo: Scoreboard.MN
We hit the road to Minnetonka for a game earlier this evening.  Had the baskeball jones, I guess.  Plus it's something to do, ya know.  The concessions at Minnetonka HS are set up really weird.  You pick up your stuff at the counter, then walk over to this table to pay for it.  So on a busy day, like at the Breakdown Tip-Off Classic say, or if they are playing another state-ranked team like Hopkins, you could probably just walk off without paying.  Minnetonka school district is doing just fine if they lose a couple bucks on a soda here and there, believe me.  I mean they have a local pizza chain and Caribou Coffee up in that joint.  Another weird thing is the soda--whether in a can or a bottle--is the same price.  Seems kind of goofy, amirite?  I got peanut M&Ms and the GF got a Snickers.  We both got Diet Coke(1) of the bottled variety.  The game was only close for like, five minutes before the 'Tonka Skippers completely took over.  Most of the time we spent studying the players sock-n-shoe choices.  Ninety nine point nine percent of the time the socks and shoe brands match.  If a player is wearing Nike sneaks, they are wearing Nike socks.  Same with Addidas, Jordans, and surprisingly even Under Armor.(2)  The one percenter in question was a dude on the Skippers, who wore the Addidas Derek Rose model(3) with, gasp, Nike socks.  What a rebel!(4)  Another Skippy had black and yellow shoes, which stood out in contrast to their school colors, royal blue and white.  Rochester John Marshall was not without their very own Sid Vicious of the normies though.  This particular kid was wearing some very colorful Nikes.  At first we thought they might be all breast-cancer-awareness-pink but upon further inspection, they were most definitely peach.  I didn't catch any of the names of the previously mentioned dudes, but I do remember 'Tonka's big man, Latrell Love because of his horrendous free throw set-up.  He spends too much time rocking back and forth while spinning the ball way out to the side in his non-shooting hand (pictured.)  Then he throws up a brick.  Not sure what his free throw percentage is, but my guess is it's a near-Shaq level atrocity.(5) Someone on the coaching staff needs to spend some time with him after practice.  He could make vast improvements at the line by keeping the ball in front of him the whole time with one or two dribbles at most, before bringing it straight up with a higher-arching shot.  But don't take my word for it; I know more about stealing concessions that I do basketball.

1-shout-outs to longtime HDD commentor "diet coke."
2-I don't know about you but I'm just not ready to accept Under Armor as a viable sneaker option.
3-Which are, as the Beastie's would say, noice. 
4-I'm no stranger to brand mixing on the court.  I wear Addidas shorts, Nike shoes, and Puma socks.  Puma socks, yo.  Take my word for it.
5-But other than that, he's god mad, mad game though.

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  1. Style jacker alert. After reaking this site for a couple weeks now, I think I figured it out. It's part pre politics era Gavin McInnes, part teenager Chuck Klosterman, and Part Kevin Powell, with some non gay Perez or Michael K ghostwriter sprinkled on top. "Amirite?"