Scene Report: Prep Hoops, Super 60 Showcase

Super 60 Showcase, Washburn High School, Mpls, MN, 1/28/12
Walk in late as usual--having missed the entire highly anticipated Prairie Seeds vs. Lakeview Christian match up--just before halftime of Robbinsdale Cooper vs. Mpls South game.  Typical.  No metal detectors at the door, which is different from the last time I was here.  Guess I left my glock in the car for no reason.  After snagging a disappointingly small box of popcorn and a Diet Coke, I take a seat a few feet away from a Michigan State scout and pull out my Moleskin.  He looks at me like, "Who the fuck are you?"  I'm look back like, never you fuckin' mind who I am.  Then I realize he's probably looking at me because I'm wearing a BSU Beavers stocking cap the same shade of green as his Spartans gear and I pulled out a note pad, which is probably confusing him.  Turns out he's a nice enough guy. He's here to see Cooper's big man Rashad Vaughn.  Makes sense--who isn't?  State dude says he was at Bloomington Jefferson last night, scouting HDD favorite, Apple Valley's Tyus Jones.  He says, "He's just so good, you know."  Yeah, no shit Sherlock, is how I want to reply but choose not too.  They are playing loud-ass hip-hop over the PA, and that's A-O-fuckin'-K with me.  Mostly new popular stuff--Rick Ross, Weezy, Drake--but they do drop in a Run-DMC track.  There are no less than three red dodge ball-style dodge balls stuck in the rafters.  Probably got there from some kids playing dodge ball or something.  The Czar is here.  But then again, where isn't the Czar.  And how many of those blue polos does he own?  (Note to self:  see if the Czar would be up for an interview.) So is some dude wearing a really dirty Steven's Sports Report t-shirt.  I think it's probably Steven.  Another dude, wearing College Basketball News (also very dirty btw) and some old jeans comes over to talk to the State scout.  Says he did a story on Tyus as an eighth-grader, in which Tyus claims State was his favorite team.  Then tells the scout to say tell Tom Izzo that he says hi.  To which, scout guy says, not at all sarcastically, "Yeah, sure thing buddy."  I don't know about all of that.  I suppose if the guy is indeed a  reporter, he's just trying to get some ins.  Eh, whatever.  The second half of the game is lame.  (Rhyme points, ya'll.) Vaughn pretty much takes over and Cooper shuts down South handily.

Next game up is the home team Washburn taking on visiting Totino Grace Eagles from the Fridley-ish/New Brighton-ish area.  (Can I get a fact-checker on that?)  If I'm not mistaken, Washburn's first warm-up song is the same one Apple Valley uses--Meek Mill's "I'm a Boss", featuring thee bawse Ricky Rozay.  The Millers got some new unies since last year.  Which is good, because those were the same ones the State Championship team wore in '09, and had that been-washed-and-dried-too-many-times thing going on.  Washburn are dunking machines in warm-ups.  Nothing much about TG stands out to me, other than that they have some big white fellows.  Nothing like the Laveville North monsters, but big nonetheless.  One of them has a wacky grown-out faux hawk-esque haircut, which, as normal as they have become, helps this particular fellow stand out a little I guess, but not enough for me to write his name down.  (How's that for a sentence?!)  Several of the Washburn guys have grown considerably since last season.  They are a much better team as a result.  There is some great coaching, especially at the one-on-one level, here by former Harlem Globetrotter Reggie Perkins.  When reserve forward Noah Scarver loses his cool, Perkins pulls him over to the sidelines and talks him down until Scarver's breathing has evened out and he's nodding yes to everything the coach is saying to him.  Great piece of coaching right there!  There is a little excitement near the end of the game due to a particularly hard foul and subsequent shit talking.  The Miller's Dejon Davis got tangled up with Eagle's large fella Nick Carr.  Carr gets hit with the technical foul.  Game is over. Millers win after going on an incredible run here at the end.  I also had a can of A&W Root Beer and a package of Peanut M&Ms.


  1. OMG thanks for linking to that Czar guys's blog. That dude is insane.

  2. Oh man, Steve's Sports Report is hilarious. "Totino Grace went up against Minneapolis Washburn in a boy's basketball game." "Went up against" kills me lol.