On Holiday...Still

Yep, we are still on vaca; something we only feel a little bit not one bit bad about.  The Internet connection here is shoddy at best (which is a blessing, believe me,) but we have been able to put up this post about anticipated records of 2012 and this post about a book that an ex-rapper wrote; both by Nathan G and both in conjunction with the fine folks at Scene Point Blank.  Perhaps tomorrow, if ye olden Net is working, and we feel motivated to do anything other than booze it up and body surf, we will post a new piece that Friend of the Family recently sent in.  But then again, we are, as those "British faggots"--as the commenter"Anonymous" so eloquently puts it--like to say, On Holiday, so then again, maybe not.  In the meantime, here is something for you folks back on the Homeland to ponder...

Hat courtesy of Thank You zine.  Email and Facebook: thankyouzine@yahoo.com

PS-Can anyone tell us what's going on the with the T-Wolves? We heard we were out of last place finally and that the All-Star festivities have so many Wolves in it that it's basically like a showcase for MN. But, like I said, the Internet sucks here. We just heard that shit from some guy on the beach. Please confirm! Prediction: K-Love will be the MVP of the All-Star game. Holla back, ya'll. See you soon. Peace!


  1. Nice pick on the K-Love. Speaking of baseketball, Lucas did return to One Tree Hill this week.

  2. let me guess, keeping us waiting for some BACK DATED posts? hope so...