Scene Report: First Fridays, Lowertown

First Fridays, Lowertown St. Paul, MN, 2/3/12
Last night we rolled down to the ever-changing landscape that is Lowertown these days.  Never know if you'll find parking, and that if you do, which one of the four or five conflicting posted signs, you should be paying attention to.  The neighborhood has been getting a whitewashed (literally) makeover the last couple years.  Yep, ye olden gentrification has landed, and in my humble, yet highly respected opinion, it aint pretty.  However, two of the TC's most active taggers LUCY and HULOCK have made a sweep through the hood recently, nailing every mailbox, lamppost, and whatever else in sight, so it's got that going for it.  The Back Alley Gallery was slow as ever.  Clowned around with the homies for a bit; telling stories and pouring down brews.  Eventually we mounted up the posse and headed across the street (or rather, the future home of light rail tracks,) to the JAX building to visit our buddy Dave and make the scene at a party.  After an hour or so of that, it became clear it was time to leave or I was going to end up ruining my nice-guy-in-real-life persona.  My friend, a longtime LT resident, (who will remain nameless, as I believe he likes to keep a low profile,) joined us as we finished the evening throwing back drinks at one of the last bastions of the scallywag days of Lowertown, Kelly's Depot.  We talked about many, many things but mostly just old-school pro wrestling.  When it was time to head home, we were greeted with a fuck-you letter from the city of St. Paul, in the form of a parking ticket.  Guess we picked the wrong sign.  Nice.

Lowertown St.Pl, MN, 2/3/12

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