Scene Report: Prep Hoops, DeLaSalle vs. Benilde-St.Margaret's

DeLaSalle vs. Benilde-St. Margaret's, DeLaSalle High School, Mpls, MN, 2/7/12
Against my better judgement, due to a ridiculous hippy-death-cold that I picked up at work, I went back to D for my second time ever (and in a row) tonight to see how the Islanders would match-up against the number one ranked team in 3A in the state, their rivals the Red Knights.  Quite well it would turn out, but still just one point shy of winning.  It would come down to a last second missed shot by D.  I'm too tired to write it all out, so here are my notes verbatim...sorta:

-Packed, hot as shit.
-BSM has candy stripped warm-up pants.  Goofy.
-No D band tonight?  Prolly to accomodate the large crowd.
-Celebrity sightings: Flip Saunders, Robbinsdale-Cooper's Rashad Vaughn, and Appple Valley's Tyus Jones.
-Washburn Millers in the house too.
-No sign of the Czar...oop, there he is.  Not his normal spot though.
-College Sports News Guy, dressed better than last time.
-Barely audible warm-up tunes.  All hip-hop instrumentals.  No rapping allowed at Catholic schools I guess.  Tyler the Creator's "Yonkers" beat is hot though.  Wish I could hear it.
-Surprising number of people eating normal food.  What constitutes normal?  Not concessions.  Chipolte, Jimmy John's, Punch Pizza, stuff like that.  Weird.
-Diet Coke and peanut M&Ms for me.  Every time I pour some in my hands, it's two of the exact same color--first brown, then red, now yellow.  This is fucking freaking me out.
-It's like a sauna in here.  But I can actually breathe, which is nice, because this ridiculous hippy-death-cold I picked up at work has been killing me.
-There is both a Superman and a Wonder Women in the front row of the D student section.
-My fav sign: Both  Teams Are Trying Really Hard.  Now that's some good old Catholic sportsmanship right there.  Whoa, that's the second time I've written "Catholic" down.  Oop, make that three.
-Fav quote of the night:  Two 4-5 yr-old boys next to me: "Do you wanna be basketball players when we grow up?"  "Yeah, but we both have to play for DeLaSalle because they are a real team."
-2nd fave quote of the night:  Same boys: "Let's pretend to be basketball players."  "Ok, you be DeLaSalle, and I'll be the bad guys."

There was also a really great basketball game going on, that I watched, and loved; reinforcing that I made the right decision to come out even though I should have been at home sleeping off this ridiculous hippy-death-cold that I picked up at work.

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