We're Back...Sort Of.

Hey Ya'll,
We're amidst a hellacious day of traveling, which has unkindly dropped us unexpectedly in the Windy City for a night. Sucks to be so close to the TC, yet so far away. But on the upside, we just logged into ye olden HDD email, to find some young Brooklyn cats were rad enough to hip us to their new video. This is on some '90s type underground shit right here, and makes us super excited about getting back to listening to rap again. (Aside from Vodka & Ayahuasca on the plane last Wed, it's been ten days without the old beats and rhymes.)  Check this ishnit out.  We're going to order pizza (not that wack sauce-on-top kind though) and watch the dunk competition on the telly.  Back on road (in the air) early tomorrow morn.  Talk soon.

Joey BADA$$ featuring Capital STEEZ-"Survival Tactics" 

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  1. i want your life btw i am jealous. this song is awesome. love the fashion too. thanks and welcome back...dated lol.

  2. Coincidence that this crew's initials are P.E. and they have an all-around 1990's thing going on??? What's with all these backdated commants? Reset your favorites people......or just use Firefox lol.