Scene Report: Prep Hoops, Patrick Henrey vs. DeLaSalle

Section 3AAA Boys Basketball Quarterfinals, Mpls-Patrick Henry vs. DeLaSalle, DeLaSalle, Mpls, MN, 3/8/12

photo: MN Basketball Hub
I love the D's gym because it is hot and loud and sort of stinks, which is exactly how a high school gym should be.  For the second time in a row I am seated alongside my father's former D classmates.  We are slightly above, and just off to the side enough to have a clear sight line and earshot of the D huddle.  Head coach Dave Thorson is a real treat to watch in action.  I must be getting old when I get excited about watching good coaching.  He plays an 8-9 player rotation, which warms my heart.  I have a soft spot for bench players and team efforts.  Patrick Henry simply cannot hang with the Islanders.  That doesn't stop the extremely excited Patriots fan behind me from screeching in my ear at every opportunity though.  It's kind of sad to see how far Patrick Henry's program has declined since their back to back State Championship seasons in the early '00s.  D's Reed Travis is so awesome.  Jarvis Johnson gets a break away and surprisingly he dunks it!  He's not tall.  He's in 9th grade. He suffered a heart attack last year.  Yeah, its' pretty sweet that he just did that.  Islanders win, and so does my waistline, as I didn't go near the concession stand tonight.

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