Scene Report: Prep Hoops, Section 6AAAA Semifinals

Section 6AAAA Boys Basketball Semifinals, Osseo High School, Osseo, MN, 3/9/12

Game 1: Hopkins vs. Wayzata
Walk in at halftime to some of the worst music ever playing over the P.A.  I don't even know how to describe it.  Like really bad R&B.  Most contemporary R&B is terrible to begin with, but this was far worse.  If I was coaching one of the teams and we had to do warm-up to this I might just forfeit the game.  It's that bad.  Not as bad as the refs though.  These refs are the worst!  I've seen this one guy before--the fat black guy--a few times, and he's always this bad.  He looooves his whistle.  I bet he literally makes love to his whistle when no body's looking.  Fuck, let these kids play already! Hopkins guard and Harvard commit Syani Chambers is without a doubt one of the best guards in the state, but everytime I watch him I get slightly annoyed by the unnecessary dickish things he does.  Like slapping the defenders hands away from him or faking the foul on his drives.  But even more annoying is all the Hopkins parents who are not watching the game because they are glued to their smart phones.  I'm so sick of people and their phones.  The Royals' Zack Stahl has a break away for a huge dunk, but gets it taken away on a double-dribble call.  He has to be contained by his teammates.  I'll agree with the ref on this one, that was clearly a double-dribble.  He dribbled the ball, picked it up, ran a step, then put the ball back down with both hands.  Huge dunk though.  As prevalent as they are now, I still love dunks at the high school level.  They are still something really special at this stage.  Hopkins wins.  Duh.

Game 2: Edina vs. Minnetonka
Popcorn and diet soda time!  They make a nice, cheap, big bag of popcorn here.  I'm all over it, along with a Diet Dr. Pepper.  The first thing that comes to mind is how bad Edina needs new uniforms.  That, or someone doesn't need to be drying them shits for so long.  The fat black horrible ref comes and sits right behind me.  I overhear him saying that tonight he didn't get any State games, and that tonight was his last game of the season.  No State games, ya say?  NO SHIT!  I want to tell him it's because he sucks but of course I don't.  There is an older lady--like a grandma-age--that is sitting over to my right that appears to be scrolling through the Twitter feed on her iPad.  Why are you here?  I'm over it.  And this game is over too.  Edina will have the pleasure of losing to Hopkins in the Championship game next week.  On a how-bad-does-that-suck note, the Skipper's senior forward Latrell Love will end his high school hoops career just a bucket shy of 1000 points--998.  Yeah, how bad does that suck.  Not as bad as people on their god damn phones all the time.  Well, I suppose that's debatable.  But I would take 998 points rather than a 1000 if it meant I could get some of my friends to put their shit down.

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