Scene Report: Prep Hoops, St. Pl-Johnson vs Mpls-Washburn, Moorehead vs DeLaSalle

Annual "City Championship" Game, St.Pl-Johnson vs. Mpls-Washburn, Arlington High School, St. Paul, MN, 3/2/12
notes verbatim...
-Only cost five bucks to get in.  Cheap considering the normal seven.
-Two high-powered offenses here.
-Meek Mill's "I'm A Boss" is easily the most-played song in gyms around the metro this season.  I've heard it three times just today.
-Popcorn and Diet Dr. Pepsi.
-I wish there was such a thing as Diet Dr. Pepsi.  I meant Diet Pepsi.
-Really tight, back-n-forth game here.
-Miller's senior forward Joseph Doby misses last second shot, gets own rebound, puts it back up...for the win! 99-98. 
-Shit talking and celebration at center court.
-No brawl like I was promised.
-Out the door, and off to another game...

Moorhead vs. DeLaSalle, DeLaSalle, Mpls, MN, 3/2/12
D absolutely killed Moorhead.  The end.

Concession stand is offering free hotdogs on the way out.  I passed...reluctantly.  I have a cheat meal planned for next weekend.  It involves pizza.  Lots and lots of pizza.

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