Brain Cell Life Form

What did the mail bring me today? Oh, just Brain Cell, that's all.


  1. Oh shit. Mail-artists hate me.

    1. Yo, what makes you think that? I don't think they get down with me either btw.

  2. Seems to me that they might more interested in lil' potato stamps and lite-politics. Neat, polite and respectful of boundaries. I have just been drawing over top of other peoples shit. Whoops, upside their head. :(

  3. Same here. Add/pass means whatever you want to add, even if it's going over something. That's part of the deal if you ask me. I've seen plenty of go-overs on the stuff that comes through my mailbox and I've done them myself. This particular one, the Brain Cell, is done by a guy in Japan and it is comprised of stamps and stickers that people send to him, and then he actually arranges them himself and uses this weird color copier to make like, 150 copies each time, and sends them out to whomever he has on his list. Personally, I'm not adding or fucking up any Brain Cells. I just keep them as completed peices, as that is his intention...I believe. I send him a 150 of the same images every now and then that he can include on future BCs. That being said, most anyone else that is add/passing with me can expect to be gone-over once in a while, just as I would expect my parts to be gone-over. Anon, if you want to trade with me, shout at the email address and we can down with it.