lousy with cats

The neighborhood is lousy with cats, I tell ya. Lousy with 'em. A few regulars come around, but I swear a new comes roaming through every other day. They might be squatting in this abandoned house on the block. Just as I was flicking an orange tabby in the upstairs window, another sneaky little fucker came cruising around the side on me. Lousy with cats up in this piece.

Mpls, MN, April-'12


  1. These cats are better than you, remember that. They think the area is lousy with humans.

  2. OK great thanks for a totally nothing statement to really not put things in perspective by an anonymous commenter on a post that didn't mean much in the first place. Seriously "anonymous" why be anonymous when spouting such highly intelligent verbatum? What's the point?

  3. diet cocaine (the original)April 24, 2012 at 5:29 PM

    I bet your butthole is lousy with cock. UOHHHHHHHHGGH!