Constitution Day Cards for the Troops

On Monday we took a break from our hectic schedules of being the awesomest zinester/hipster/punk rock/hip-hop/normie/old-dude/dirtbag motherfuckers on the planet to do something even more awesomer. We made Constitution Day cards to send to the troops overseas! 

Get some construction paper, colored and/or sparkling sticky letters, a glue stick, and scissors and make your own cards for the troops. 

Take photos or scans of them and email 'em to: bnb@hotdogdayz.com

Then mail them to:

A Million Thanks
17853 Santiago BLVD
Villa Park, CA 92861

Then eat some apple pie and go to a baseball game.  America will love you forever.

Amercia Rules outside

America Rules inside

Skol Vikings USA outside

Skol Vikings USA inside

Heck Yes outside

Heck Yes inside

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