Discard Art Exchange

The zine and mail art universe brings a lot of interesting stuff to our mailbox on a weekly basis, and never ceases to amaze what people will come up with.  For example, Discard is a really awesome art exchange project that involves a series of take-one-leave-one library pockets that have been nonchalantly placed at various places around the world. The rules are simple:

1) if you find one, keep the art that's in it.
2) refill the pocket with some arty artifact of your own.
3) email a picture of what you find to discarder.blogpot.com

We threw one up on a student posting board on a recent tour of Media Arts school in downtown Minneapolis. 

If your interested, contact discard.art@gmail.com or simply check out www.discarder.blogspot.com

Conversely, if you're interested in zines, mail art, mixtapes, or letter exchanges, give us a holler at: bnb@hotdogdayz.com and we will get the ball rollin'.

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