Oh, what's that, someone went and got himself a Twitter?

It wasn't me.  No, no, no, I killed that shit a long time ago after what I will now only refer to as "The Incident."  Let's just say dem bad bitches is cray cray and I don't need that in my life any longer.  Plus I ended up hating on Nikki Sixx and Chris Jericho, two people that I really liked before, 'cause of their non-stop stupid Twitter shit.  That's the thing about Twitter, it totally breaks down the wall between celebrities and regular 'ole people, exposing them all as self-centered idiots just the same.  Now I don't particularly care for the idea of celebrity anyway, so I like it when they get trolled by some rando from trailer park in rural Wisconsin, but do I really need to know that Morgan Eastwood thinks Donnie Darko is a good movie?  First of all, no shit.  And secondly, welcome to eleven years ago!  Anyway, if you ask me Twitter should only be used for jokes and shameless self-promotion...but mostly just jokes.

HDD co-conspirator Nathan G. O'Brien--who rarely contributes anymore, I might add (hint, hint buddy)--has caved in.  One of the new outlets that Nathan will be writing for pressured him into getting Twitter because that's how they want their readers to interact with their writers.   Plus, he's really good at shameless self-promotion and jokes anyway, so why not, right? 

So if you're so inclined, you can follow Nathan on Twitter, where I'm sure he'll be #humblebragging, over-analyzing MTV's The Challenge, and posting his WODs (and hopefully linking to HDD every once in a while [hint, hint buddy].)  You can do that at @OMG_NOB.  I have to hand it to him, his first Tweet was hella funny.

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