Scene Report: Hiking in Crystal Cove State Park

Tuesday, the man who loves to wear American flag shirts, D and I did a twelve miler on the perimeter trail of Moro Canyon in Orange County. We started in Crystal Cove State Park, entered Laguna Coast Wilderness Park for a jaunt, and ended back in CCSP. We saw a coyote, a road runner, and an indie-level professional wrestler, who was wearing a biker-style skull cap. You know the ones where you tie it in the back--kind of like a bandanna made just for wearing on your head?  Yes, those ones. We knew he was a indie-level because we didn't recognize him and we are huge marks.  We knew he was a professional wrestler because he was, well, he was wearing a skull cap. Duh. While we were taking a break at the halfway point to refuel on mini Baby Ruths and water, some woman ran by and said, "Nice blue shoes!" She was wearing the red version of the exact same ones. Someone might have gotten got if this same scenario happened up in LA. Anywhosers, we kilt it in a couple hours, and then ate at Chronic Tacos.  D had the chicken nachos and I had the carnitas Fatty Tacos.  Both of us thought it was good but not awesome. Chronic Tacos that is; not the hike.  The hike was definitely awesome. The end.

Crystal Cove State Park, Orange County, CA, 10/30/12

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