We'll List That: PiL Set List

We'll List That: Public Image Ltd. Set List
A week and half ago--Monday, October 22nd, to be exact--we went to see PiL at the newish Minneapolis venue Mill City Nights.  The show was really awesome but we kind of forgot to/were to busy to do a Scene Report about it, but we were able to jot down all the songs they played.  They skipped anything from That What Is Not altogether but hit something of everything else, including John Lydon's solo record.  We'll list that.  Listfully yours...

This is Not a Love Song (single, '83, This Is What You Want...This Is What You Get, '84)
Deeper Water (This is PiL, '12)
Albatross (Metal Box, '79)
One Drop (This is PiL, '12)
Flowers of Romance (Flowers of Romance, '81)
Disappointed (9, '89)
Warrior (9, '89)
U.S.L.S.-1 (9, '89)
Reggie Song (This is Pil, '12)
Death Disco (Metal Box, '79)
Bags/Chant (Album, '86, Metal Box, '79)
Religion (First Issue, '78)
Out of the Woods (This is PiL, '12)
Rise (Album, '86)
Open Up (Lydon solo album-Psycho's Path, '97)

Photo by David McCrindle via Twin Cities Daily Planet

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