Record Review: Passiv Dödshjälp-Fasader LP

Passiv Dödshjälp-Fasader (Power It Up)
By Nathan G. O'Brien on Scene Point Blank

I’ll admit it; any band that requires key strokes to properly type their name has a good chance of ending up in my review pile. The reason is two-fold: It stems from my days as a Motley Crüe-worshiping adolescent, and the simple fact that I am a sucker for Scandinavian hardcore. Thus we have here the latest vinyl by Stockholm, Sweden’s double dose of umlaut, Passiv Dödshjälp.  Production-wise, Fasader has that familiar big-sound-crust-core feel to it—elements of D-beat, thrash punk, and black metal. ...Read entire review after the jump. 


it just keeps cuming, literally

"It looks worse than it is. It's just a rager."-Anders AKA This Is Some Funny Rap Music
Contact: andersdinero@yahoo.com


Scene Report: Prep Hoops, Super 60 Showcase

Super 60 Showcase, Washburn High School, Mpls, MN, 1/28/12
Walk in late as usual--having missed the entire highly anticipated Prairie Seeds vs. Lakeview Christian match up--just before halftime of Robbinsdale Cooper vs. Mpls South game.  Typical.  No metal detectors at the door, which is different from the last time I was here.  Guess I left my glock in the car for no reason.  After snagging a disappointingly small box of popcorn and a Diet Coke, I take a seat a few feet away from a Michigan State scout and pull out my Moleskin.  He looks at me like, "Who the fuck are you?"  I'm look back like, never you fuckin' mind who I am.  Then I realize he's probably looking at me because I'm wearing a BSU Beavers stocking cap the same shade of green as his Spartans gear and I pulled out a note pad, which is probably confusing him.  Turns out he's a nice enough guy. He's here to see Cooper's big man Rashad Vaughn.  Makes sense--who isn't?  State dude says he was at Bloomington Jefferson last night, scouting HDD favorite, Apple Valley's Tyus Jones.  He says, "He's just so good, you know."  Yeah, no shit Sherlock, is how I want to reply but choose not too.  They are playing loud-ass hip-hop over the PA, and that's A-O-fuckin'-K with me.  Mostly new popular stuff--Rick Ross, Weezy, Drake--but they do drop in a Run-DMC track.  There are no less than three red dodge ball-style dodge balls stuck in the rafters.  Probably got there from some kids playing dodge ball or something.  The Czar is here.  But then again, where isn't the Czar.  And how many of those blue polos does he own?  (Note to self:  see if the Czar would be up for an interview.) So is some dude wearing a really dirty Steven's Sports Report t-shirt.  I think it's probably Steven.  Another dude, wearing College Basketball News (also very dirty btw) and some old jeans comes over to talk to the State scout.  Says he did a story on Tyus as an eighth-grader, in which Tyus claims State was his favorite team.  Then tells the scout to say tell Tom Izzo that he says hi.  To which, scout guy says, not at all sarcastically, "Yeah, sure thing buddy."  I don't know about all of that.  I suppose if the guy is indeed a  reporter, he's just trying to get some ins.  Eh, whatever.  The second half of the game is lame.  (Rhyme points, ya'll.) Vaughn pretty much takes over and Cooper shuts down South handily.

Next game up is the home team Washburn taking on visiting Totino Grace Eagles from the Fridley-ish/New Brighton-ish area.  (Can I get a fact-checker on that?)  If I'm not mistaken, Washburn's first warm-up song is the same one Apple Valley uses--Meek Mill's "I'm a Boss", featuring thee bawse Ricky Rozay.  The Millers got some new unies since last year.  Which is good, because those were the same ones the State Championship team wore in '09, and had that been-washed-and-dried-too-many-times thing going on.  Washburn are dunking machines in warm-ups.  Nothing much about TG stands out to me, other than that they have some big white fellows.  Nothing like the Laveville North monsters, but big nonetheless.  One of them has a wacky grown-out faux hawk-esque haircut, which, as normal as they have become, helps this particular fellow stand out a little I guess, but not enough for me to write his name down.  (How's that for a sentence?!)  Several of the Washburn guys have grown considerably since last season.  They are a much better team as a result.  There is some great coaching, especially at the one-on-one level, here by former Harlem Globetrotter Reggie Perkins.  When reserve forward Noah Scarver loses his cool, Perkins pulls him over to the sidelines and talks him down until Scarver's breathing has evened out and he's nodding yes to everything the coach is saying to him.  Great piece of coaching right there!  There is a little excitement near the end of the game due to a particularly hard foul and subsequent shit talking.  The Miller's Dejon Davis got tangled up with Eagle's large fella Nick Carr.  Carr gets hit with the technical foul.  Game is over. Millers win after going on an incredible run here at the end.  I also had a can of A&W Root Beer and a package of Peanut M&Ms.


No, Thank YOU~!

What a glorious package arrived today at HDD HQ!  A great big box of awesome stuff, courtesy of our our kindred spirits in zinedom, Thank You out of Casper, WY.

Funny thing; PE is one of my favorite rap groups of all time, and Millions my fav albums.  Yet, I never had an actual copy of it on cassette.  Just a dubbed version from my homie.  I still remember listening to that on my Walkman and being blown away by the raw-ass beats.  I eventually picked it up on CD in some Columbia House-11-for-a-penny scam that I never paid for, but finally getting a cassette copy of the real deal is on some full-circle ishnit.  Haha, yeaaahhhh boooyyy!

Also included was the new issue of a by-product/spin-off of Thank You zine, called Nineteen Ninety Eight.  And let me tell you, this is on the ill tip right here.  Dude gets really nice with it.  Drawings, clippings, findings, etc.  I highly recommend both TY and NNE. 

Contact info: email and Facebook thankyouzine@yahoo.com


TSK reviewed by Randy Spaghetti

A fine gentleman named Randy Spaghetti wrote a fair and accurate (and quite honestly, really nice) review of The Soda Killers.  Unlike, ahem, MRR, it appears he actually took the time to read it and dissect it thoroughly.  And for that, we are eternally grateful.  Thanks again Randy! 

"The Soda Killers is a lot like the collages contained within, an interesting and eclectic mix of seemingly unrelated stuff that comes together in weird ways and works."

Read whole review here: 


Then email me at bnb@hotdogdayz.com and ask how you can get one for yourself.  Trades are encouraged, B T dubs.


Scene Report: Prep Hoops, Apple Valley vs. Lakeville North

You may be asking yourself, "What's with all the Apple Valley lately?"  Well, for a suburb, it's not terribly far from where I live on the South Side of Mpls.  I mean, it's a drive, but it you want to see the good metro teams that are not in the city (like DeLaSalle and Washburn for example) you gotta travel.  And it's closer than say, Hopkins.  But the main reason is a particular sophomore star on the rise.  You may have heard of him: first name Tyus, last name Jones.  (Go ahead, plug that one into your Twitter.) 

Not anywhere near sold out like it was last week when they met cross town rivals and fellow state-ranked team, Eastview, but still, quite a few more folks than when I had been there earlier in the season for a game vs. St. Louis Park.  The AV Eagles were ranked third going into tonight's game, and Lakeville North was fourth.  So, you get it, right?  Big fuckin' game here.  And it lived up to the hype.  It's no secret they put HGH in the water down in Lakeville, as evidenced by the fact that the Panthers only have two guys under six feet on their team.  Two of them--Tyler Flack and Brett Rasmussen--are freaking monsters.  Someone might want to administer post-game piss tests on these two, know what I'm sayin'.  And it was basically the tale of the tape that won out here.  Not for lack of trying, the Eagles were clearly out-muscled tonight.  One could make the argument that the refs let a lot of shit go (Jones could have easily doubled his twenty-two points at the line, had they been calling it tighter), but then again, they were letting it go both ways.  Ultimately the Panthers took control of things late in the game for a convincing win.  (If you want the specifics of the game, you can get that info from much more credible sources.) 

Watching Tyus is like reading poetry if poetry was a basketball player and instead of reading it you got to watch it.  (Not that I know anything about reading poetry. I just really didn't want to use a cliche like "poetry in motion.")  So, ah, I guess you could say it's like poetry in motion.  He just barely lost his composure near the end.  Perhaps it was a combination of fatigue due to being overpowered physically and the culmination of several missed shots, especially at the rim.  Another player on the Eagles that's fun to watch is Dustin Fronk.  He's a scrappy slasher--who has an amazing handle on the ball, despite an unorthodox approach--and a relentless work ethic.  Not to mention, he puts the ball in the hoop. Lakeville North is fun too.  A little less flashy, but entertaining nonetheless.  I look forward to seeing more of both these teams as the season rolls on. 

Now for the important shit; concessions.  Three bucks gets you a hot dog, chips and a can of pop.  I went for it of course.  Ketchup, mustard, regular Sun Chips, and a Diet Pepsi.  You know the diet sodas makes the tube steak and chips ok, right?  I managed to escape without eating at some sort of large chain restaurant this time too.


Scene Report: In-Store Breakfast Show, Treehouse Records

Earlier in the day (before I went to see the Muppets at The Riverview Theater and before we went out to the 'burbs for a hs hoops game) LG and I got up early for coffee, donuts, and live tuneage at the second on installment of Treehouse Records breakfast in-stores. The band was ex-Vampire Hands peeps, Heavy Deeds.  Not bad.  It was like this: older-ish crowd, chill music, super sugary cake-style donuts (from Cafetto, I believe), and a nice brew (also from Cafetto, I think), in which I put--for the first time in a looong time--soy milk.  I miss my soy milk like a mu'fucka.  Donuts too.  Anywhosers, it was, as they say, rad.  I grabbed the latest Maximum RockNRoll and an old used Any Last Words 7".  I don't remember what LG got, but it may have been Cheap Trick vinyl or something.  We talked at length, as is our wont, about a variety of things--music, movies, Tim Tebow (I like him, or rather the idea of him.  LG doesn't), how terrible Packers fans are (not as people, but as shittalking fans) and whether or not I snuck copies of our zines onto the shelves.  (I did, btw.)

Treehouse Records, Mpls, MN, 1/21/12


it cums once again. yep, for real.

Well, to those that thought--or perhaps, hoped--this was a one-time deal, you were wrong. These fools aren't about to let some pre-mature ejaculation (AKA-fireworks and a showdown with the local PD) stop them. Believe it or not, this thing is going down (pun intended) again. Details to follow. In the meantime interested parties can and should contact andersdinero@yahoo.com.


Scene Report: Prep Hoops, Minnetonka vs. Rochester John Marshall

photo: Scoreboard.MN
We hit the road to Minnetonka for a game earlier this evening.  Had the baskeball jones, I guess.  Plus it's something to do, ya know.  The concessions at Minnetonka HS are set up really weird.  You pick up your stuff at the counter, then walk over to this table to pay for it.  So on a busy day, like at the Breakdown Tip-Off Classic say, or if they are playing another state-ranked team like Hopkins, you could probably just walk off without paying.  Minnetonka school district is doing just fine if they lose a couple bucks on a soda here and there, believe me.  I mean they have a local pizza chain and Caribou Coffee up in that joint.  Another weird thing is the soda--whether in a can or a bottle--is the same price.  Seems kind of goofy, amirite?  I got peanut M&Ms and the GF got a Snickers.  We both got Diet Coke(1) of the bottled variety.  The game was only close for like, five minutes before the 'Tonka Skippers completely took over.  Most of the time we spent studying the players sock-n-shoe choices.  Ninety nine point nine percent of the time the socks and shoe brands match.  If a player is wearing Nike sneaks, they are wearing Nike socks.  Same with Addidas, Jordans, and surprisingly even Under Armor.(2)  The one percenter in question was a dude on the Skippers, who wore the Addidas Derek Rose model(3) with, gasp, Nike socks.  What a rebel!(4)  Another Skippy had black and yellow shoes, which stood out in contrast to their school colors, royal blue and white.  Rochester John Marshall was not without their very own Sid Vicious of the normies though.  This particular kid was wearing some very colorful Nikes.  At first we thought they might be all breast-cancer-awareness-pink but upon further inspection, they were most definitely peach.  I didn't catch any of the names of the previously mentioned dudes, but I do remember 'Tonka's big man, Latrell Love because of his horrendous free throw set-up.  He spends too much time rocking back and forth while spinning the ball way out to the side in his non-shooting hand (pictured.)  Then he throws up a brick.  Not sure what his free throw percentage is, but my guess is it's a near-Shaq level atrocity.(5) Someone on the coaching staff needs to spend some time with him after practice.  He could make vast improvements at the line by keeping the ball in front of him the whole time with one or two dribbles at most, before bringing it straight up with a higher-arching shot.  But don't take my word for it; I know more about stealing concessions that I do basketball.

1-shout-outs to longtime HDD commentor "diet coke."
2-I don't know about you but I'm just not ready to accept Under Armor as a viable sneaker option.
3-Which are, as the Beastie's would say, noice. 
4-I'm no stranger to brand mixing on the court.  I wear Addidas shorts, Nike shoes, and Puma socks.  Puma socks, yo.  Take my word for it.
5-But other than that, he's god mad, mad game though.


Out Now: If You Stink At Getting Ladies, Call Me-#5

If You Stink At Getting Ladies, Call Me-issue#5
Some movie reviews, a couple--literally, as in two--record reviews, a short interview, and a whole bunch of original Dadaist/Fluxist/Stuckist art steez (AKA-total bullshit.)

Photocopy fest 2012!

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Send your snail addy to bnb@hotdogdayz.com and we will mail ya one. Then when you get it, you'll be like, "Oh, that's why it's free."


on the stere-ere-o

Oh, what's that, you're looking for music recommendations, old and new, and wondering what we--known taste makers and know-it-alls--have on rotation here at HDD HQ?  Well thanks for asking.  Here is list of some of  CDs/records/tapes/downloads/etc. currently rocking the office stereo:

Against Empire-Thieves and Leeches
Anthrax-Spreading the Disease
A$AP Rocky-LiveLoveA$AP
Baltic Cousins-For the Hell of Us
Black Milk & Danny Brown-Black & Brown
Brute Heart-Lonely Hunter
Butthole Surfers-Psychic..Powerless..Another Man's Sack
Cryptopsy-None So Vile
Dead Milkmen-Eat Your Paisley
I Self Devine-LA State of Mind
Quelle Chris-Shotgun & Sleek Rifle
Raekwon-Unexpected Victory
Run DMC-King of Rock
Sonic Youth-Evol
Soul Asylum-Clam Dip and Other Delights
Thurston Moore-Demolished Thoughts
Vallenfrye-A Fragile King

As well, you can always click the "music" tag/label thingy to see our past posts on tuneage.



discount double choke

Fuck the Packers for life.



Scene Report: Prep Hoops, Apple Valley vs. Eastview

pic: MN Basketball Hub
We arrive at Apple Valley High School ten minutes before tip-off only to find out the game is sold out.  Minnesota is a basketball state, no question.  Fuck hockey.  That will show us for thinking we can walk right into the 'burbs and do whatever the hell we want.  We tried the old HDD press pass trick but to no avail. Fire codes and shit.  On the flip side, we ate at a restaurant that we never have before, and subsequently probably never will again.  It's a burger chain called Round Robin.  Maybe you've heard of it.  But oh boy is it ever mediocre.  And everything you touch has this weird greasy film layer to it.  I went to pick up the ketchup bottle and it was like trying to hang on to a jelly dong when you have too much lube on your hands.  Not that I would know anything about that, but you know, I bet that's what this greasy ketchup bottle was akin too.  Got home in time to catch the tail end of the game on this really amazing thing called the Internet.





Bemidji-MN x Newport Beach-CA x Mpls-MN, Sum-'11


Scene Report: Drinking Forties By Myself

I don't know about you but I always like to have at least one--preferably two--forties of ice cold M-bizzy in the frizzy.  (That's wigga-speak for "malt liquor in the fridge", btw.)  I'll do Colt 45 or Mickey's, or, if they don't have those, Olde English "800".  But I def go with Colt or Mick's first.  No St.Ides, Black Bull, Camo, double malts, or anything "ice" or "gold."  And I absolutely draw the line at Ojo Malo-Evil Eye.  That shit isn't even funny for a joke.  Forties are my go-to beverage on Saturday nights when I decide not to do anything that requires leaving the crib.  The routine usually goes something like this:  Crack one and head into the studio to work on zines or some shit but mostly end up just flipping the radio dial between various rap shows on KFAI, the Current, and KMOJ.  (The latter of which, being the only time you'll catch me listening to Drake, Weezy or anything resembling R&B or rappers who can't rap.  But that's cuz they do it with a nice mix that includes dancehall and old-school hip-hop.  Plus, like Brother Ali said years ago when he was defending 50Cent to the backpackers, "You gotta know what the streets is listenin' to.")  Maybe I'll get a page or two of a zine done but primarily it's just dancing by myself and tough-guy-B boy-posturing to nobody but my cat, who looks at me like, "whaaaat the fuck..."  Then when the rap shows are over, I crack another forty and put on some punk rock records and try to work on art stuff again, but pretty much just end up playing air-guitar and/or air-hardcore singer.  This will last until I get tired of having to change the records every three songs--usually another 40oz.  Then I go out to the living room to watch late-night broadcasts of Lucha Libre and listen to The Root of All Evil and send text messages that I will regret the next morning.  I haven't crossed into the three-forties-in-one-night zone in years, but I might have a few additional regular-sized light domestic beers while partaking in this particular activity--eventually leading to the big pass-out.