Dear HDD, Look At These Stupid-Ass Coffee Cups

Here are the coffee cups from the stank-ass coffee machine from 'Nards that I was talking about. Texas No-Limit Poker? Fuck outta this bitch, am I right? Drawings are dope though. But nah, seriously, the only No-Limit shit I eva fucks with was No Limit Soldiers. Talk about dope-ass artwork. Those CD covers were the bomb shit, but then you threw it on in the ride and the music was a shit bomb, am I right? No-Limit was totally wack-ass but for some reason it took niggas few years to figure that shit out, huh. Anyway, I kinda see why them fools at work be drinkin' this stuff. Toffee 'cino tastes hella good! Mad sugar up in there though. Not tryna get too fucked up on that.  Won't see me grubbin' on no busted-ass hotdog anytime soon either.

-Dallas, SLP

Promise me we never have to meet in real life, OK?

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