From Atop The Steel Frame #3

From Atop the Steel Frame: Best Night on My Bike in Minneapolis part whatever. Green Mind turns into Red Medicine which turns into Bricks Are Heavy, which isn't a color but it makes me feel orange. Pullup bar at Lake Hiawatha is the location for today's WOD, just as it often is. As I pedal my way home from the LQ, a roadie passes me, fully kit'd, and says, "Chilly day to be on the bikes eh?" To which I reply in my best Beer Fest faux German accent, "Yah, just a little bit." We both laugh, then he and his infinite gears leave me in the dust. A family of mallards swims down the Minnehaha Creek, maneuvering around some discarded jackolanterns and I figure this is as good a spot as any to sit and have one. Me, the dead leaves floating by, and the crisp air of my beloved city. Cheers.

Mpls, MN, 11/5/13

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