@nathangobrien on Ello: Record Recommendation: Dark Blue - Pure Reality

Even though the compensation for freelance work is sparse, and often times minuscule when it does arrive, one of the upsides is that you have access to new music, movies, books, etc. before the general public (except for rap music, which is almost always leaked to world well before its official release.) One of the my favorite promo albums as of late is the Dark Blue - Pure Reality LP, which comes out next week on Jade Tree. Dark Blue is a new band from Philadelphia, whose three members share a hardcore pedigree that includes bands like Clockcleaner and Ceremony. Dark Blue however, traverse in the dark-punk/post-punk/gothic style that's risen in popularity in the last few years. There are a lot of punk bands incorporating some degree of this style these days (The Estranged, The Bellicose Minds, Creative Adult) and Dark Blue is one of the best in my opinion. Lead singer John Sharkey III nails the Ian Curtis/Andrew Eldritch harrowing baritone style in a way that will make you forget a band like Interpol ever existed. You can stream the whole thing before it drops next week here: https://soundcloud.com/jadetree/sets/pure-reality

From Ello: @nathangobrien

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