Lazy Weekend

Minneapolis~south side.
Friday night.
Hosmer Library.
Belle and Sebastian, J-Dilla, DFA, Wolf Parade.
cheeseburgers, onion rings, pitchers.
Ken & Norms.
12 pack.
Le Chat Noir.
record player.
AC/DC, Krokus, Prince.
Sunny Side Up Cafe.
french toast, spinach omelet, coffee, juice.
Uptown alleyways.
Soo Visual Arts.
Friends With You and Girls Brigade.
Robot Love.
Intermedia Arts.
kids smokin' blunts and "gettin' up."
the Spyhouse.
green tea, latte, conversation, spying.
Le Chat Noir.
pizza, chips and salsa, Office marathon.
Sister Sludge.
black tea, latte, dogs, beards.
morning walk.
Minnehaha Creek, old Northrup School, the neighborhood.
bike ride.
lazy weekend.
Minneapolis~south side.


Randumb Thizoughts

dumb, dumb, dumb...I miss the old KMOJ. The late 80's slash early 90's one...I wonder if I'd continue listening to Rev 105 if it was still around?...B96 is horrible. "We R Hip Hop" If that's hip hop, I don't want none...I got two words for everybody that listens to the Current: RADIO K!...seeing KG in a Celtics jersey hurts, but I aint mad at him. He's still my man...Brother Ali was on Late Night last Friday. If you read his lips, you can see him tell Conan that the back-up band is Mint Condition. Gotta love Ali...New favorite morning drink: a blend of black and green tea with a few drops of honey...I'm lovin' me some 'rap music'. I'm bumpin' Grayskul~Bloody Radio on the regular. Like almost daily. Couple years old but new to me is Jaylib~Champion Sound and Three 6 Mafia~Da Unbreakables. Also diggin' the new Kanye too. Love that song about "My big brother was Big's brother. Used to be Dame and Big's brother."... 7 inches on regular rotation in my bedroom: Intifada, Kvoteringen/Pisschrist~split, Cross Examination~Hung Jury, Dropdead/Totalitar~split...Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death~Dead Rhythm always ends up in my CD player. Plays well, next to the Rabbit Ears ep. Speaking of Spencer Moody...Murder City Devils reunion in Austin, TX first weekend of November. The Evil Twin and I will be there...WWE gets the bozack, TNA gets the gas face. ROH people!...Next PPV I'm droppin' cash on: UFC 79~Nemesis. Matt Serra vs. Matt Hughes and Wanderlei Silva vs. Chuck Liddell...I'm hungry; get me some pizza!

File Under: I Wish I Could Do That

Nope, can't do that.

Well as most of us here in the midwest know, the weather is starting to change. Bike rides are a little cooler now. I actually had to ride wearing a scarf and gloves the other night. In fact, my normal riding gloves aren't quite doing the trick. Perhaps it's time to invest in some warmer ones. I love riding this time of the year. It's fun blowing through the piles of leaves lining the gutters. I'm rounding up some boys for a good ole booze cruise~city session soon. Looking forward to riding with my homie L-Train. He's been racing BMX all summer. Plus he's not afraid to launch of some shit either. Matt TXP and I will probably just watch as he and Jase kill themselves. This is also a good time to take out the mt bike and hit some trails. There are usually a few less riders out and with the leaves down you can occasionally spot some wildlife. I just about had a head on with a deer last year at Lebanon Hills. Plus the trails get harder as the ground gets colder and that equals a much faster ride. Anyway, for more stuff I can't do, check out my buddy Ben. He's a fucking amazing touring machine.

ps-I can't rap either. I'll leave that to the professionals:


St. Paul Fall Art Crawl '07-Back Alley Gallery.

Judging from the time it has taken for my liver to recover, I assume the Art Crawl has come and gone again. Decent turnout. Even sold some things. No tables were destroyed, ala the scene from Gummo. I think that's a first for the B.A.G. However, a tomato fight broke out...IN THE GALLERY! That's definitely a first for us. I vote we go back to the table destruction.

thee.ography from the weekend:

Come see us for our Fall Show & Sale (slash Booze Party) in November. Each of us will have a guest artist showing as well. (That's like 20 of us fuckers...oh man...) It's the Friday the 16th and Saturday the 17th. Details to come later...


Cregos Con Ojos Negros: Chicago-Epilogue

I’ve processed some of the photos from the trip to Chicago for Apocolypticrust. I have now had some time to reflect as well. I was a little frustrated (to say the least) by my trips to and from Chicago, on the MegaBus. Let’s just say there is no predicting what’s going to happen and you probably have just a good a chance of getting on the bus whether you’ve paid for a ticket or not. You may have to give the driver directions as well. Seriously, what the fuck? Other than Joe and his two friends, I was given fairly poor directions from most everyone I encountered in Chicago. Sometimes even being sent in the total opposite direction of what I was looking for. Like, even Lake Michigan! Go figure; the three people that are transplants from other cities know their way around better than the locals. At least in my experience. I was amazed at and impressed by the number of Spanish speaking people at the festival. Speaking of the fest; aside from people smoking indoors, overall I am more than pleased. I got to see a few favorite bands and a whole slew of new ones. Also, 20 some bands spread over two days at just 15 bucks is a steal. It cost me more just to get to and form the shows. Damn cabs! I will figure out a way to get my bicycle there next time. I can’t thank Joe enough for his hospitality and generosity. It’s nice to have a comfortable place to crash out after an exhausting day. Next trip I will plan more time for hanging out with him. All in all it was a good experience and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. Perhaps there will be Apocoypticrust II? I hope so. Here is some thee.ography:

This is the breakfast I made for myself @ home, before leaving.

This is Joe.

He lives in Chicago.

These are his cats.

This is his apartment.

This is his back yard.

This is his neighborhood.

I went to Chicago and the only slices of pizza I had were New York style.

But I did get to enjoy Hot Dog Days!!!-Chicago style....with no relish! Therefore, not real Chicago Dogs.

Also had some excellent Mexican food. Like, way too much for one sitting. Soooo good.

Aplocolypticrust Festival. Lighting was horrible for pics (at least for my camera) so I gave up.

A more comprehensive overview of Apocolypticrust can be found here and here.