Casual Fridays: Erect The Youth Problem*

Huntington Beach, CA, 10/24/10

Venice Beach, CA, 10/25/10

Newport Beach, CA, 10/26/10



Dethrone vs. Death Clutch

UFC 121: Lesnar vs. Velasquez, Anaheim, CA, 10/23/10


Pic by J-Sho

LCD Soundsystem, Eagles Ballroom, Milwaukee, WI, 10/22/10

No, The Good Life

Milwaukee, WI, 10/22/10

Rumors Co$t Us Lives

Mpls, MN, 10/21/10


Blew Monday: Carve 'Em Up

Spider design and photo by The Timmer

Brooklyn Center, MN, 10/19/10


Casual Fridays (Thursday): Wherever You Go, Trego

Namekogen River, Trego, WI, summer, mid 00s

Thoughts on Eyedea

A few people have asked why I haven’t written anything about Eydea passing away. I guess I wasn’t sure what to say. When someone dies, people have a tendency to personalize it—make it about themselves. (I’m guilty of this. Anyone that’s been around here knows that I took the Jay Reatard thing kinda hard.) For the record, I did not know Michael Larson. I was purely a fan boy, in awe of his prowess rocking the mic as Eydea. I bought his records and I went to see him rap…many, many times. Eyedea was a major role player in making the Twin Cities the hip-hop powerhouse it is today. These are a just few I-remember-when moments that have come to mind over the past couple days. I’d like to share them with you…

Headshots Vol 6: Industrial Warfare mixtape
Eyedea’s freestyle recorded live in the 7th St. Entry, rapping about being too young to be in bars…while in a bar.

Collabos with Oddjobs
Whether it was his verses on Oddjobs records or the tape they did together, Bridges Over Hidden Whereabouts, whenever they teamed up it was on some next-gen shit.

Sixth Sense verses on DJ Abilities’ Finally mixtape
Something, something, “Can of Coke,” something, something, “Drinkin’ out the party ball.” (I don’t remember exactly how it goes. I’ll listen to it tonight and update.)

Overhearing him talking at Fifth Element
I was shopping in Fifth Element the first year they were open and Eyedea happen to be in there with his mom. I distinctly remember him talking about how he can’t go to the mall anymore because “these kids won’t leave me alone.” He was a senior in high school.

Battle rapping with Slug
The best live incarnation of Atmosphere was Slug and Eydea & Abilities. There was always a freestyle portion near the end of their set where Slug and Eyedea would battle each other. Eyedea dropped a verse on Slug one night that I will always remember: “Dude, you’re my idol. But you drink too much. Plus, I think you’re suicidal.” Doesn’t sound like much on paper, but when he rapped it, a sold out First Avenue went ape shit bananas.

Watching him watch himself on TV
After he won the freestyle Blaze Battle in Chicago, Ryhmesayers screened it at the Red Sea, followed by an Atmosphere performance. You could see it on the dude’s face as he watched it he was like, “Damn, I was up there with KRS-ONE.”

El-P yelling at him on stage
A Def-Jux tour rolled through town. El-P and Aesop Rock (or was it Mr. Lif?) invited Eyedea up on stage for a freestyle session. Every time the mic got passed to him, he would start talking gibberish and finally El could take no more and yelled at him, “Shut up and rap!” Then he killed them with a dope verse.

Him rapping
My favorite memories of Eyedea are just him rapping. Rapping and rapping and rapping and rapping. Countless times the dude would drop a verse that would have the whole place going “Ooooooooooooooooh!” Dude could rap.

I feel weird casually mentioning these things without much detail. But that’s all I really have in me right now. It’s a total bummer when someone dies so young. Especially someone as talented as Eyedea.

Some New Page$


One of my bffs Matt looks back fondly on his days as a kid in Tampa, FL playing Karate Champ and slurping 44oz Big Gulps at the 7-Eleven. I was always more of a Circle K guy myself. Didn't matter though, because we don't have either of them here in the land of Super America. Speaking of, when I lived up north I used to tell people I was a secret shopper for SA so that we could stop at one whenever we were on the road. I always got the little turkey sandwich and a doughnut.  Now that I live in a city that has one on every block, I can't stand that shit. But I do have mad Speedy Rewards built up.  Anyway, this is the cover I did for a mixtape that was seven songs in exactly 11 minutes.

People Always Ask~Part 2

Blew Monday (Thursday): Kult$

Mpls, MN, 10/10/10


Youth Culture

St. Paul, MN, 10/14/10

Kill 'Em All

Found this on my walk to work today. It was laying next to one of those, what I like to call, "entertainment powerpoles." Thought of you guys for a couple reasons: the hipster death thing obviously, and because that one chick is always talking about Sioux City.

Recent Found Item, Seattle, WA, 10/14/10 

Casual Fridays: Reunion$

Mpls, MN, 1/25/02


Where Have All The Cowboy$ Gone?

So when we say we what we really mean these days is well, me

Nathan hasn't posted any #emo shit in a minute or any of those weird album and/or concert reviews he was doing last spring.  Our friend #J-Sho was asked to interview him about his love of pro rasslin' for a #Life Changers piece but if that actually happens or not, remains to be seen.  Dude says he's too busy at work to be blogging.  Fuck, tell me about it.  But shit, that's what I thought working desk jobs were for.  Anywasted, no #Totes Quotes or #RSCs rolling in either and nobody has asked me questions (#Dear BNB) in like, one hundred years.  If it wasn't for #Doomy stopping by to save the day every once in a while, there would be tumbleweeds rolling through this piece.  So for now, looks like it's just me, the HDD OG, BNB (Whoa, acronyms much?) and my dispatches from the Twitterless.  I'll be posting my rules for biking in the Mpls soon but in the meantime, would it kill ya to at least send me a question or, preferably, a hate-filled rant?  Photos are cool and all that, but come on dudes, dont make me do another #History of Punk.  Nobody wins when that happens.  Srsly.

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Are You Dealing With Failure?

Mpls, MN, 10/10/10

Life: Best Served Chilled

I love ice. It helps keep beverages cold and most beverages taste much better ice cold. However, I hate when all I want to do is take a big swig of my gin and whatever’s-in-the-house and I get a mouth full of ice cubes. Freezing cold ice cubes that make my teeth feel like they’re going to crack. Out of the three basic needs in life (eating, sleeping, and fornicating) I think eating might be my favorite. And that includes drinking, which of course includes adult beverages. My roommate yelled at me last night because I wasn’t really paying attention and I almost made a mixed drink with $40 per bottle whiskey. Boy did I feel sheepish! Lately I’ve developed a taste for fine scotch. Really fine scotch. Like, shit that’s so expensive you wouldn’t even dream of getting trashed on it cuz that would just be a waste of all those fine quarter-casked-single-malt flavors. Those delicious peaty smoky flavors… I’m starting to drool a little bit here… I just like to take a big whiff of the glass, then take the tiniest of sips and let it sit on my tongue for a bit. Oh God it’s great. What’s wrong with enjoying a few fine pleasures in life? I don’t get to do it very often cuz Lord knows I’m broke as shit. But to indulge, to sit back and smell the roses… or in my case, smell the scotch - it‘s nice every now and again. I feel like most people around me, myself included, are so stressed out about life. I take comfort in my quiet Nihilism; believing that in the end, nothing really matters. I just strive to be comfortable enough right now - fed, fucked, and rested. So whenever I’m feeling especially desperate, I try to relax. And shake my liquors so I don’t have to worry about damn giant ice cubes flooding into my mouth.

I'm Faster Than My Shadow


A Few Plugs For The Wknd...

Our art-making and art-educating friend Christopher Bowman has a show opening up on Saturday night at Tease.  You friendly folks should check it out:

FRESHLY MOWED: The Art of Hair 

Our rock-n-roll writing friend, Loren interviewed our rock-n-roll poster-making friend, Dave for the City Pages. You, being our internet friends, should check it out:

DWITT reflects on life as a rock 'n' roll artist by Loren Green

You, also being our real-life friends, should come down to the BAG this weekend for the Art Crawl.  Check it out:

Back Alley Gallery
262 E 4th St #LL2
Lowertown-St.Paul , MN

Fall Art Crawl
Fri, Oct 8th, 6-10pm
Sat, Oct 9th, 12-8pm
Sun, Oct 10th, 12-5pm

HDD vs. Black Flag

Casual Fridays: Survivor$

Stanley Eddie Forest, MN, mid 00s